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== Preferred Method of Adding Another Mailbox  ==
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[http://www.middlebury.edu/NR/rdonlyres/4070EF21-AE03-4234-9F71-524E390371A7/0/AddAMailboxInEntourage2008.pdf AddAMailboxInEntourage2008.pdf] This is the preferred method for a number of reasons, however it has two drawbacks:
*Messages sent using this method will come from the other mailbox, but will have the words "on behalf as" in the display name.
*Sent messages are NOT stored in the Sent items folder of the other mailbox. They are stored in your own Sent Items folder.
*If either of the above is an issue, please use the alternate method below.
== Alternate Method of Adding Another Mailbox  ==
It's possible to add another mailbox (to which you have full delegate permissions), alongside your own mailbox (so you will have 2 mailboxes in Entourage). You will login to the second mailbox '''using your OWN username and password'''.
*Open Entourage, click the "Entourage" menu, click "Account Settings", click "New".
*Choose "Account Type": Exchange. Click OK (then if prompted, choose to "Configure Account Manually")
*Fill out the account settings.
**Account Name: Name of the second mailbox (e.g. "Admissions Office")
**Name: Same as "Account Name" above
**E-mail address: The e-mail address of the second mailbox (e.g. "admissions@server.edu")
**Account ID: your '''OWN''' username
**Domain: MIDD
**Exchgange Server: https://mail.middlebury.edu
**Click on the Advanced tab:
***Public folders server: https://mail.middlebury.edu
***LDAP Server: middlebury.edu
**'''Leave all other settings as they are and click OK.'''
*You will be prompted TWICE for your own username and password.

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