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== Preferred Method of Adding Another Mailbox  ==
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Please visit this page: [http://www.middlebury.edu/NR/rdonlyres/4070EF21-AE03-4234-9F71-524E390371A7/0/AddAMailboxInEntourage2008.pdf AddAMailboxInEntourage2008.pdf] -- this is the preferred method for a number of reasons, however it has two drawbacks:
# Messages sent using this method will come from the other mailbox, but will have the words "on behalf as" in the display name.
# Sent messages are NOT stored in the Sent items folder of the other mailbox. They are stored in your own Sent Items folder.
If either of the above is an issue, please use the alternate method below.
== Alternate Method of Adding Another Mailbox  ==
It's possible to add another mailbox (to which you have full delegate permissions), alongside your own mailbox (so you will have 2 mailboxes in Entourage). You will login to the second mailbox '''using your OWN username and password'''.
*Open Entourage, click the "Entourage" menu, click "Account Settings", click "New".
*Choose "Account Type": Exchange. Click OK (then if prompted, choose to "Configure Account Manually")
*Fill out the account settings.
**Account Name: Name of the second mailbox (e.g. "Admissions Office")
**Name: Same as "Account Name" above
**E-mail address: The e-mail address of the second mailbox (e.g. "admissions@server.edu")
**Account ID: your '''OWN''' username
**Domain: MIDD
**Exchgange Server: https://mail.middlebury.edu
**Click on the Advanced tab:
***Public folders server: https://mail.middlebury.edu
***LDAP Server: middlebury.edu
**'''Leave all other settings as they are and click OK.'''
*You will be prompted TWICE for your own username and password.
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