Add a patron to Millennium

General guidelines for entering new borrowers

  • Weekly downloads of borrower records from Banner have greatly reduced the need for manual entry/edit of borrowersthough individual circumstances and borrowing needs may require manual changes in the data base
  • If the borrower has a Midd ID, MIIS ID, MMLA or a VCAL (Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries) card, but is not in the system, please enter immediately, no form needed
  • Visitors from other NExpress libraries will be in the system via the Inn-Reach visitor check-out function
  • If the borrower does NOT have a Midd ID, MIIS ID, MMLA or a VCAL (Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries)card, a completed web form is required
  • Web form - submitting web form verifies that user agrees to all borrowing policies
  • Web form application for borrowing is automatically sent to the Lib Circ mailbox
  • There is a 7-day wait to process guest applications
  • Applications are processed weekdays at the Davis Family Library
  • Davis Family Circ staff create a library card and account; step by step directions listed below
  • When filing completed cards, attach a note/sticky to the card; include borrower's name (and name of faculty if a proxy card); your initials and date created and amount of fee due
  • Borrower patron codes are listed in Mill Circ - Admin - Parameters - Circ - Patron Type (or – double click in field to view ptype options)
  • Email is required for library notices and courtesy notices; email can be updated by borrower in My Midcat; enter carefully to avoid errors; we use email only for library business
  • Daily - check mailbox for pending applications
  • Weekly - check mailbox for applications that require follow-up; refer to Manager as needed
  • Monthly - review all new records created during previous month for consistency, accuracy, ptype, etc. (Mill Report)
  • Annually - check card file; view records for cards awaiting pick-up in Mill Circ: delete records for cards never picked up (card and barcode can be reused)
  • Refer borrowing privileges questions, concerns and requests to the Circulation Services Manager

Adding a new borrower

'Before adding a new borrower double check that the borrower is not in the system.'

Search by:

  • First name (may have been transposed when previously entered)
  • Last name
  • ID number
  • Check previous borrowing history (check notes/messages on account if in system)
  • Guest accounts with "overdue guest" status must see the Manager - messages/notes should document history
  • If already in the borrower data base - edit as needed to update borrower information

*To add or edit:

  • Mill Circ: Circ Desk mode – click on “NEW” icon
  • Enter data as prompted for each borrower group
  • Click next when ready to move on
  • If you make a mistake, make a note of it and edit after you have finished
  • Use correct capitalization and punctuation
  • A monthly report is generated to check manually entered records for accuracy and consistency
  • If not sure what to enter in each field, please refer to Manager

Required fields

  • Expiration date
  • Ptype
  • Name - Last, First
  • Email
  • Address
  • Barcode - in place of unique ID for guests
  • Unique ID - required for authentication
  • Telephone - XXX-XXX-XXXX (enter dash between numbers)
  • Note field - include the date and your initials on each note

Before saving

  • Check all entries for accuracy and make any necessary edits
  • Insert other fields as needed
  • Middlebury College students, staff and faculty: Enter their username for ILL/Nexpress requests


System adds a “manually added patron” note to the record automatically; used to create a monthly report - checked monthly to ensure quality and consistency of borrower records

Middlebury Staff, Students and Faculty; spouse/partners (Midd ID)

Verify status and contact information in College Directory

Retired staff/faculty are eligible for courtesy borrowing privileges with same privileges as when staff/faculty

  • Expiration date

Students: 5/31/20XX; XX = Year of graduation;

Exchange student: Date of departure - Usually end of term or academic year

AY Faculty  - No expiration date (unless there is an end date to employment/dration of visit)

Faculty Teaching Assistants: 5/31/20XX; XX = end of academic year

WT Faculty - End of winter term; when WT ends may extend borrowing through Summer Term as a courtesy guest (ptype 107); set date for 9/30/20XX; replace college address and email with home contact info (may teach next WT); edit note field "Winter Term faculty 20XX" and current status - ie alum'XX or guest courtesy

Applied Music Faculty: 5/31/20XX; XX = End of academic year

Emeritus, retired Faculty  - No expiration date

Staff, retired staff - No expiration date

Spouse/partner - No expiration date

Summer faculty, students, families: 9/1/20XX; XX = current year

Summer faculty (student) researchers - end of employment date (may not be issued Midd ID, card issued by Circ, but needs student privileges, or faculty proxy)

Visiting faculty - exp date matches employment period/time on campus

MMLA faculty

  • Patron type (change College admin staff to faculty as needed to access collections, loan periods)

Students: 1 - 10

Faculty: 50 - 60

Proxy: 57

Staff: 80 - 83

Summer: 121 – 124, 155, 160

  • Name

Last, First

  • Email

Verify correct email; using Midd mail or another email?

Please recommend (especially to summer borrowers) that they forward email to their other email account if they do not intend to use the Midd account; or enter other preferred email; can be updated by borrower in My Midcat to email of their choice

  • Address information

Students - Campus Box Number

Faculty, Staff and Proxy - Campus address

Summer - Campus address

  • Barcode

Students, Faculty; Staff, and Summer ptypes with Midd ID: Enter 6-digit ID number (no leading zeroes)

  • Unique ID (NOTE: you will be alerted if there is a duplicate record found with a match on the ID number)

Students, Faculty; Staff, and Summer ptypes with Midd ID: Enter 6-digit ID number (no leading zeroes)

  • Telephone: XXX-XXX-XXXX (enter dash between numbers)

Students, Faculty; Staff, and Summer: Not required

  • Borrower Note (add date and your initials ot all notes)

Students, Faculty; Staff, and Summer - no note required

Winter Term faculty - enter "winter term faculty 20XX"

Spouse/partner - Enter name of spouse/partner "Spouse/partner of staff/faculty member X"

MMLA - enter "Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy"

Summer student researcher - enter sponsoring faculty member in note field

Faculty Proxy accounts


  • Web form
  • Verify contact information in College Directory
  • Departmental Proxy cards - include name of Dept and names of all faculty members; 1 faculty member designated primary contact
  • Merge or clear expired accounts periodically
  • ILL - refer to ILL for ILL proxy borrowing
  • NExpress - proxy is NOT possible for NExpress (requires authentication)
  • Refer to Helpdesk for departmental copy, print account information/questions

How to enter

  • Expiration date: As requested by faculty on application; exp. date on account matches application
  • Ptype: 57 - Faculty Proxy
  • Name - Last, First of faculty
  • Email - faculty email
  • Address - faculty Campus address
  • Barcode - scan/enter barcode on library card
  • Unique ID - enter barcode on library card
  • Note field - name of research assistant/proxy "Research Assistant X may borrow on behalf of faculty X" through X date"

Guest Borrowers - general

Guest borrower application

Guest Borrowers: (need to fill out an application; we create a library card; have no Midd ID)

  • If the borrower does not have a Midd ID, MIIS ID or a VCAL (Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries) card, a web application is required
  • We do not have any active reciprocal agreements for students at other VT institutions; please refer students to their home institution ILL for borrowing Midd materials
  • All others need to complete a guest borrower web application
  • Auditors of classes taught at Middlebury must apply and be eligible for a guest borrower card to access class resources; auditing a class does not automatically grant borrowing privileges
  • Please refer to info on the web site - Guest Borrower Guidelines

Courtesy College Midd ID Cards - issued/approved by HR or Old Chapel

  • May need to be entered manually on a case by case basis
  • Enter in Mill Circ as Courtesy Guest if "courtesy" printed on the card
  • Enter as visiting faculty if "courtesy or visiting faculty" printed on the card
  • Please refer courtesy guest privileges questions to the Circ Services Manager
  • HR and Old Chapel may issue different categories of courtesy Midd ID's (if a card is issued, enter as courtesy guest ptype)
  • Local residents issued courtesy College ID - includes but is not limited to local physicians, special guests of the college
  • Courtesy Guest - enter "Courtesy Guest; X"; where X=relevant qualifying info

Alums (Midd ID)

  • Alums do not need to fill out a form - refer to PS for Alum ID as needed
  • May use their Student ID if recent graduate and still in the database
  • Expiration date - none
  • Ptype - 100
  • Name - Last, First
  • Email - current email; using Midd email?
  • Address - home address
  • Barcode - scan/enter barcode on library card (if unique ID number not imbedded in Midd Alum ID)
  • Unique ID - ID number on Alum Card in unique ID field
  • Note field - alum year "Alum 'XX"

Recent graduates working on campus the summer after graduation

  • Extend due date as needed. It's OK to leave patron type as senior over the summer;  verify email address, phone, add home address info. etc.
  • If changed to alum ptype, no exp. date needed
  • If they have an alum ID card, and are not working on campus, but are staying in the area, change patron type, and leave expiration date blank, add home address info, update email etc. as with all alums

Alums here for reunion weekend

  • Add as needed to allow borrowing

Friends of the Library

  • Verify membership with Gift Administration (ext. 5826)
  • Borrower must fill out and submit web application
  • Regular loan/borrower guest policies apply

Dependent of benefits eligible faculty/staff member

  • Applies to academic year dependents who are not issued ID cards
  • Parent/guardian completes and submits web form/application
  • Parent/guardian assumes responsibility for all materials checked out on their dependent's account
  • Expiration date - match parent/guardian
  • Ptype - 102
  • Name - Last, First
  • Email - parent/guardian
  • Address - home address of parent
  • Barcode -
  • Unique ID - parent/guardian
  • Telephone - XXX-XXX-XXXX (enter dash between numbers)
  • Note field -  "dependent of X faculty/staff member"

LS Families

  • Applies spouses or dependents of LS faculty or staff
  • Parent fills out web application
  • create account in Millennium the same as any guest borrower
  • ptype = 120
  • Note field -  "dependent of X faculty/staff member"

Addison County Educator Courtesy Cards:

At the beginning of every Fall semester:

  • Email the Education Studies Coordinator to request a list of participating schools/teachers eligible for educator courtesy cards.
  • List of eligible participants is kept on the borrower applications clipboard
  • Questions about eligibility? Refer borrower to the Director of the Education Studies Program

Participating schools - list of eligible educators is verified annually by Education Studies Department:

  • ACSU (Middlebury, Weybridge, Cornwall, Shoreham, Salisbury, Bridport, Ripton)
  • ANESU (Bristol, Lincoln, Monkton, New Haven, Starksboro)
  • ANWSU (Vergennes, Addison, Panton, Ferrisburgh, Waltham)
  • Private Schools: Gailer School?
  • Expiration date - 9/30/20XX; XX = next academic year
  •  Ptype
  • Name - Last, First
  • Email
  • Address
  • Barcode
  • Telephone - XXX-XXX-XXXX (enter dash between numbers)
  • Note field - Educator courtesy - Enter name of school "Faculty at X School"

VCAL - Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries


VCAL Faculty Reciprocal Borrowing Authorization Form

Guest borrowing cards are issued during weekdays at the Davis Family Circulation Desk

  • Expiration date - duration of the academic year; or 1 semester; max 1 year; as specified on VCAL application form/card; home library authorizes borrowing privileges
  • Ptype - 102
  • Name - Last, First
  • Email - required - as with all other guests
  • Address - home institution address AND home address
  • Barcode - attach and scan barcode
  • Unique ID - enter faculty home institution ID number
  • Note field - enter name of institution "VCAL Faculty at X college/university, reciprocal borrowing"


  • Forms can be downloaded from the VCAL website or completed online and then printed out
  • Faculty need to complete web form: name, home address, phone, email, name and signature of home institution, ID number from home institution; then print, sign and date form - this will authorize borrowing at any participating institutions
  • Extra forms are available in the Davis Family Circ Desk forms file drawer
  • Faculty need to read agreement, date and sign
  • Circ staff of home institution date and sign form, and issue card to authorize borrowing for their faculty at other VT institutions
  • Circ staff at each institution create the borrowing records for faculty from other VT institutions when presented with form and/or VCAL card, and ID from home institution
  • Authorization is good for up to one academic year; this authorization expires on May 30th of the academic year issued

VCAL borrowing privileges for Midd faculty

  • Home institution issues card and signs form
  • Process form/card at Davis Family Library Circ Desk
  • Midd Faculty need to complete form: name, home address, phone, email, name and signature of home institution, ID number from home institution; then print, sign and date form - this will authorize borrowing at any participating institutions
  • Circ staff need to complete and sign the home library section on the form
  • Attach expiration sticker to back of card (under vcal web address) and give VCAL card and authorization form to faculty (the same form can be used at any participating college)
  • Cards are valid for 1 semester or 1 full academic year; check faculty's Midd record for expiration date to determine length of VCAL borrowing privileges (departing and visitng faculty may not be eligible for full academic year privileges)
  • Note - Midd faculty need to present the VCAL card AND their Midd ID to the lending library - it is required for setting up borrowing privileges at participating institutions
  • Insert "VCAL" note in borrower record
  • VCAL note in account is used to gather usage stats

VCAL borrowing privileges issued TO visiting faculty from participating institutions

  • Home institution issues card and signs form
  • Process form/card at Davis Family Library Circ Desk
  • Visiting faculty member from participating institution presents a VCAL card and a valid ID from their home institution (with valid expiration date sticker on back) and may also present the form from their home institution (give the fom back to the visiting faculty member)
  • Attach Midd barcode to the VCAL card (place sticker above the web address on the back of the card, ensuring that there is room for other institutions to add their barcodes if faculty use reciprocal privileges at other institutions (see sample VCAL card)
  • Enter borrower information into data base
  • If they have a card and no form, assume that they have been authorized; will still need contact info to create account in system
  • VCAL ptype is used to gather usage stats

VCAL Guidelines - individual institutions may establish their own specific loan periods and borrowing guidelines

  • Eligibility status is determined by home institution (may include adimistrative staff who teach/do research)
  • Midd faculty members in good standing are eligible for guest borrowing at participating institutions
  • There is no reciprocal student and staff borrowing agreement; we recommend that students and staff utilize ILL at their home institution
  • Faculty at Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries (VCAL) member institutions are eligible to receive guest borrowing privileges at participating institutions
  • Faculty complete a form (link to form listed above and on VCAL site) and are issued a VCAL card at the home institution
  • All candidates for reciprocal borrowing privileges must present a valid institutional ID from their home library, a VCAL card with a valid expiration date sticker and optionally a completed ‘Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries, Faculty Reciprocal Borrowing Authorization" form issued by their home library; the VCAL form shall have an authorized signature from the home library
  • Reciprocal borrowing is limited to a maximum of 10 books from the general circulating collections
  • Borrowing guidelines are determined by the lending institution; Midd faculty must adhere to policies of the lending institution
  • Materials are subject to recall by the lending institution
  • The home library of the borrower shall be ultimately held responsible for the payment of lost or unreturned item fees, as determined by the lending library
  • The borrower assumes responsibility for replacement of any lost materials
  • The expectation is that borrowers will return materials to the lending library; libraries will return materials via interlibrary loan as needed (eg if materials are returned to the borrower's home library in error)
  • Stats will be gathered annually: number of cards activated (Midd faculty); number of circs (by VCAL visiting faculty); number of external users (number of VCAL visiting faculty)
  • Home institution will be recorded in the note field of the borrower account

Refer unresolved questions about reciprocal faculty borrowing to the Circulation Manager

Vermont Residents needing access to the Government Documents collection

  • Access to Government Documents is provided in-library during open hours

Auditors of classes at Middlebury College

  • Ptype 103
  • Must present a letter or other proof that they are actually in the class
  • Expiration date = end of current semester
  • No charge for card

Addison County High School students taking a course at Middlebury College

At the beginning of every Fall and Spring semester:

  • Email Registrar's Office for a list of high school students taking a course at Middlebury, eligible for a courtesy borrowing card for the semester that they are taking the class
  • Ptype 103 - auditor of classes
  • Expiration date = end of current semester
  • Create guest cards for everyone on the list, store them in the guest borrowers drawer, to be picked up when patrons show up at the desk.
  • No charge for card

Others by application to the Circulation Services Manager

Includes but is not limited to:

  • Local non-Addison County resident
  • visiting faculty from non-reciprocal institutions
  • MMLA faculty may be in the data base, but are not issued a Midd ID; please create a library card, and add a barcode field to the record; update contact info - phone, email, addresss etc. as needed
  • Summer student researchers may be in the borrower data base, but are not issued Midd ID's; please create a library card, and add a barcode field to the record; update contact info - phone, email, addresss etc. as needed

Addison County Residents- Community Guest Borrower

  • Must live in Addison County
  • Expiration date - usually 3 month or 1 year; last day of the month
  • Patron type - 100 – 107; choose appropriate ptype based on type of guest borrower category
  • Name - Last, First
  • Email - required; we do not send paper library notices (we DO NOT share email - and we respect confidentiality and privacy)
  • Address - home address
  • Barcode - scan/enter barcode attached to library card
  • Unique ID - do not enter a unique ID for guest borrowers
  • Telephone - required
  • Note field - "Community Guest Borrower"
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