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Added edition: Requires different bib record

Added copies, added volumes: Linked to existing bib record

Added copy:
item is another copy of same edition.

  • Must have same title, author, publisher, and number of pages. ISBN does not have to be same. Paperback and hardback are same edition if they satisfy these conditions.
  • Must be same date of publication, but may be different printing
    • Date of publication is earliest date that edition was published, though more copies may have been run off from the same plates in later years. (Often difficult to tell from publisher's information.)
  • Must be same numbered edition
    • "5th ed." and "6th ed." are definitely different editions
    • Romance languages: 'edicion' does not necessarily mean edition. It can mean either printing or edition because publishers don't distinguish. Assume "5a ed." is same as "2a ed." unless the item also says "rev. et annotatee" or "1a ed. in this collection."
    • German: has 2 words for printing and edition: "auflage" and "ausgabe." Unfortunately, they are not consistent about which they use for which. Fortunately, they are fairly good at indicating an item has been revised if it has, so assume the book is a printing otherwise.
    • "1st paperback ed." does not count as an edition. It's just the paperback copy of the hardback -- unless they have different publishers.

Added Volume:

  • Not identical to an item we already own but is described by a record already in MIDCAT.
  • Bib record must describe multiple items, sometimes published over a range of years.
  • Item in hand must fit in the specified range of years Item in hand must have same title
  • Publisher may change over volumes, but you must be sure it's part of the same "set" rather than something unrelated that just happens to have same title

Indications that a record describes multiple items:

Fixed field dates 1979 9999 Gives beginning & ending year; 9999 indicates still ongoing
260 field $d


Indicates more to be published
Indicates multiple vols. published between those years

300 field $a

4 v

Indicates number of vols.
Indicates number of vols. unknown

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