Advanced Disk Warrior Features

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These are some of the tips that people have posted on macosxhints.com

  1. I am not sure of how many people out there are aware of this, but when running DiskWarrior, if you simply hold down the Option key on the keyboard, the Rebuild button will change into a Scavenge button. Scavenge is a more-thorough scan and repair than is Rebuild.
  2. Here's another tip I accidentally discovered the other day: You know the Disk Warrior Preview window with the side-to-side directory comparison that you only seem to get while booted to the DW CD? Run DW while booted to a hard drive. Hit F6 (or Fn-F6 on a portable). Thank Alsoft for their incredible lack of documentation. The option key trick for Scavenge is in the manual but this is nowhere to be found. Been using the OSX version since it came out and have been wishing the preview thing was available on my diag HD ever since...
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