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This is a collection of cool features or findings that are real Web Help Desk time savers. See also Basic Web Help Desk Topics.

How to Share an FAQ solution with a Customer

For commonly-asked questions you can save time by using FAQ instructions that have already been written down. It's quicker -- and you won't have to worry about forgetting to include something important. Here's how:

  1. Starting from an open ticket, click the green + to add a new note.
  2. Type any desired message text.
  3. Now, click the Link FAQ button.
  4. Search for the desired FAQ using the Category drop-down list or perhaps by specifying a word or phrase in the Contains field. (The orange Search button is located on the far right!)
  5. From the search results list, click the Link FAQ button beside the desired FAQ.
    • A link to the FAQ info will be inserted into your note.
  6. Save your note and send email to customer using your preferred method.

(Note: As of 2/24/15 there is a reported bug. Rather than presenting you with a subset of FAQs that correspond to your current ticket's request types, the entire list is displayed so you have to search for the one(s) you want.)

How to Create Your Own "Go To" ticket button

You can easily create a browser "button" that can be used to jump directly to a specific ticket in WebHelpdesk. Using Firefox, you can add this option to your Bookmarks toolbar. (View -> Toolbars -> Bookmarks Toolbar if you don’t already have it enabled).

Simply right-click on a blank area of the bookmarks toolbar, then choose New Bookmark. Name it whatever you’d like, then paste the following string in the Location field:


To use it just click your new button, type or paste in the desired ticket number, then click OK. That's it!

Caveats: Due to browser security this won’t work in a new/blank tab; it’ll only work on a tab/window where there’s currently content being displayed. Tested in Firefox and Chrome.

How to Merge Tickets

  1. Call up a ticket list that includes the ones you want to merge.
  2. Click the checkbox at left of each ticket to be merged.
  3. Click the Merge Selected button.
  4. Use the drop-down list beside Merge selected Tickets into Ticket to specify the main ticket that should be retained, with the additional notes information merged into it.
    • Warning: Be sure to note other details from the tickets to be merged (such as non-Midd email addresses and phone numbers) as this info is only kept from the main ticket!
  5. Click the Merge Tickets button to complete the process.

How to Flag Tickets

In the upper-right-hand corner near the ticket number, there is a small flag icon that turns red if you click it. If you do so, it will appear under "Flagged Tickets" in the main menu. This can be useful when you're escalating a ticket or assigning it to a different group, but want to see what the resolution is.

How to Link to a Specific Ticket Type

It is possible, when writing documentation or other forms of communication, to include a link to create a ticket of a specific request type.

  1. Ask Mary or Dan for the request type ID.
  2. Append that to the following URL: https://webhelpdesk.middlebury.edu/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/wa/TicketActions/new?rt=, as in this example.
  3. Insert a link to that URL as normal depending on the medium.

Note that such links only work properly for customers. WHD Techs will need to use the customer button in the upper-right hand corner to switch to "Client View" in order to see the effect.

How to Create a Quick Ticket

Excerpt from SolarWinds support site: Use quick tickets to create identical tickets for repetitive issues, such as a forgotten password. You can create a quick ticket templates to define the fields in quick tickets: https://support.solarwinds.com/Success_Center/Web_Help_Desk_%28WHD%29/WHD_Admin_Guide/0A0_Manage_tickets/030_Create_a_quick_ticket

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