Advanced Web Help Desk Topics

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This is a collection of cool features or findings that are real Web Help Desk time savers.

How to Merge Tickets

How to Create Your Own "GoTo" ticket button

You can create a browser "button" that will jump directly to a specific ticket in WebHelpdesk using a “bookmarklet” (a special sort of browser bookmark that contains Javascript).

Using Firefox, you can easily add this to your Bookmarks toolbar. (View -> Toolbars -> Bookmarks Toolbar if you don’t already have it enabled).

Right-click on a blank area of the toolbar, then choose New Bookmark. Name it whatever you’d like, then paste the following string in the Location field:


Caveat: Due to browser security this won’t work in a new/blank tab; it’ll only work on a tab/window where there’s currently content being displayed.

Tested in Firefox and Chrome.

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