Advanced Web Help Desk Topics

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This is a collection of cool features or findings that are real Web Help Desk time savers.

How to Merge Tickets

How to Create Your Own "Go To" ticket button

You can easily create a browser "button" that can be used to jump directly to a specific ticket in WebHelpdesk. Using Firefox, you can add this option to your Bookmarks toolbar. (View -> Toolbars -> Bookmarks Toolbar if you don’t already have it enabled).

Simply right-click on a blank area of the bookmarks toolbar, then choose New Bookmark. Name it whatever you’d like, then paste the following string in the Location field:


To use it just click your new button, type or paste in the desired ticket number, then click OK. That's it!

Caveats: Due to browser security this won’t work in a new/blank tab; it’ll only work on a tab/window where there’s currently content being displayed. Tested in Firefox and Chrome.

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