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* Browse to the Share folder Middfiles->classes->Spring11->FMMC0101A(or B)->Share. Copy and Paste your .mov movie to that location.
* Browse to the Share folder Middfiles->classes->Fall11->FMMC0101A(or B)->Share. Copy and Paste your .mov movie to that location.
[[Image:FlipToFCE16.jpg|thumb|center|Browse to class share folder]]
[[Image:FlipToFCE16.jpg|thumb|center|Browse to class share folder]]

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Aesthetics Equipment

Aesthetics of the Moving Image includes an introductory production assignment that will require students to work in small groups. Students will use video cameras and tripods to produce their video assignment.

Aesthetics Workflow

The following instructions describe the Flip Camcorder to Final Cut Express Workflow.

  • Connect your hard drive to the back of the iMac in Axinn 105 using the supplied Firewire 800 Cable.
Connect Hard Drive.
  • The Hard Drive icon will mount on the desktop and should be named "FMMC_HD200GB_XX".
Hard Drive Icon.
  • Connect your Flip to the back of the iMac using the flip out USB connector that is attached to the flip camera.
Connect Flip.
  • The Flip camcorder icon will mount on the desktop and should be named "FLIPVIDEO".
Flip camcorder Icon.
  • Double click the Hard Drive icon on the desktop to open it and create a new folder (File->New Folder). Name it based on the project that you choose and add your group name or initials so that we can identify the different projects. (ex. Palindrome_EM)
Project Folder
  • Create a second folder inside of the project folder and name it "Original Media".
Original Media Folder
  • Create a third folder inside of the project folder and name it "Converted Media".
Converted Media Folder
  • Double click the Flip icon on the desktop. Browse to FLIPVIDEO->DCIM->100VIDEO and select all of the video files (Command + A).
Locate Media Files on Flip
  • Drag them to the new "Original Media" folder that you just created on the external hard drive.
Copy Media Files to Original Media Folder
  • Now we need to transcode the clips into a format that is usable by Final Cut Express. Locate the Flip_SD Compressor Droplet that was provided to you. Drag and drop the video clips from the "Original Media" Folder onto the Flip_SD Compressor Droplet. A dialogue window appears. Select "Submit".
Transcode Media
Select Submit
  • Launch the Batch Monitor application which can be found in Applications->Utilities->Batch Monitor. View "This Computer". Wait for the files to be converted.
Launch Batch Monitor
Wait for File Conversion
  • Move the new files to the "Converted Media" folder. These are the files that you will import into Final Cut Express.
Move transcoded media to "Converted Media" Folder
  • Import the files that are in "Converted Media"into Final Cut Express. File->Import->Files. Select All (Command + A). Select OK.
  • When you are finished editing your sequence you can export the sequence using these instructions: FCE Video Export
  • Save the resulting quicktime movie to the Share folder on Middfiles to submit. Go->Connect to Server->middfiles.middlebury.edu/middfiles.
Connect to Middfiles
Connect to Middfiles
  • Input your username and password.
Midd Username and Password
  • Browse to the Share folder Middfiles->classes->Fall11->FMMC0101A(or B)->Share. Copy and Paste your .mov movie to that location.
Browse to class share folder
  • You must also upload your finished movie to MiddMedia so that it can be embedded into the course website. Follow these instructions to learn how to use MiddMedia: Using MiddMedia. Follow these instructions to learn how to embed your MiddMedia media into the wordpress course website: MiddMedia to Wordpress

If your file is to large to fit (over 500mb) use this droplet to compress your file before uploading: VimeoSD Compressor Droplet


Alternate Uploader
  • You may also upload to BlipTV or Vimeo for your own personal video portfolio.

Aesthetics Tutorials

===== FlipShare ===== * This is another way to get the media off of your Flip camcorder, but it takes longer and is not necessary if you follow the steps above.

Final Cut Express

Final Cut Express Setup
FCE Capture | Final Cut Express Capture
Editing Basics
Video Export

Aesthetics Facilities

Wilson Lab

  • Location: LIB 220 in the Davis Family library

Axinn 105

  • Location: AXN 105 on the first floor of the Axinn Building
  • Hours: The computer lab/classroom is open whenever the building is open AND there isn't a class in session.
  • Support Hours: No designated support, contact Ethan for help.

Aesthetics Media Storage

Where Do I Save?

Depending on the location and the computer that you are working on you will have different options for saving. The recommended method for saving these projects is to check out a portable hard drive from the equipment office and save all work to this portable hard drive.

  • Save Here - This drive will only be found in the Wilson Lab on the Mac Pro towers. It will not be found on the iMac computers in Axinn 105. This drive is intended for TEMPORARY storage of large media files. This drive is not erased upon logout, but it is cleaned up on a regular basis and is not suitable for extended archived storage. This drive is physically installed in each workstation and the contents can only be accessed by that workstation. When saving to this drive please Use the following folder structure: Save Here/Your_Name/Your_Project/Your_Files.

Portable Storage

  • The WiebeTech 200GB portable hard drives are available for extended checkout for courses that meet in Axinn 105 and do not have access to the Xsan Server.
  • CD's and DVD's are available in the equipment office in support of curricular uses such as screenings and presentations. For all other uses CD's and DVD's can be purchased at the campus bookstore.

Network Storage

Final Projects (The final .mov file after export) should be submitted to your middfiles class folder located in the following location: Middfiles->classes->Spring11->FMMC0101a(or b)->Share. It's important to name your .mov file appropriately so that it can easily be identified in class. See the instructions below on how to connect to Middfiles.


External Links

FMMC Equipment

FMMC Production Facilities

FMMC Technology Support

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