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General Info on Applying to the Helpdesk


LIS is always interested in receiving applications from qualified students. Please insert your answers in this document using a word processor and deliver your completed application to the Helpdesk in the Library, or email your completed application and resume to Joseph Durante. If we do not have an available position when you apply, we will keep a copy of your application on file and contact you when there is an opening.

Download application here


Interviews are an integral part of the application process and of your experience as a consultant. After your application has been reviewed, you may be called into the Helpdesk offices for one or more interviews with LIS staff and/or current computer consultants. We also have the policy of repeating the interview process for current computer consultants on regular intervals.


Because computer consultants are relied upon very heavily to provide a critical service to all members of the college campus, the Helpdesk must be very selective in LIS employment. Therefore, there is a one-semester probation period for all newly hired consultants, beginning immediately upon employment.

At the end of this period, your performance as a computer consultant will be reviewed. LIS will not necessarily retain all of the consultants whom it hires. Points on which you will be judged include attendance and punctuality, demonstrated expertise in problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills, and teamwork. Sources of information used in the evaluation will include feedback received from constituents, senior consultants, and regular LIS staff. If it is decided not to extend your employment, you still have the opportunity to reapply for the position after another semester has passed. It is suggested that during this time you strive to acquire as much knowledge about computing at Middlebury College as possible. Please note that future reviews may be performed at the discretion of the department.


Presently the training for computer consultants is a combination of hands-on problem solving and weekly consultant meetings/training sessions. For at least your first semester you will be paired with a veteran consultant for your shifts.

A meeting of all computer consultants is held approximately once a week. You will be expected to attend these meetings, as they will greatly assist you in performing your duties. Weekly meetings are also a forum for the computer consultants to discuss support issues and industry trends. Agenda items often include changes in hardware or software configuration around campus, lessons on how to perform a task or solve a particular problem, and general information pertinent to the job.


Applicants interested in working at the Helpdesk in the summer must fill out the Summer Addendum in addition to the Helpdesk application.

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