Approving Time in BannerWeb

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BannerWeb Time Approval Quick Reference

Use Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher to access BannerWeb.

  1. In the Address field of your browser, type go/bannerweb and press Enter key.PNG.
  2. Enter your User ID and PIN in the fields indicated and click Login button.PNG.
    User ID
    = eight-digit number; your College ID number padded with preceding zeros.
    = your birth date in MMDDYY format (you must change this and set a Personal Security Question and Answer during your 1st login to BannerWeb).
  3. Click the Employee link or the Employee tab.
  4. Click the Time Sheet link. The Selection Criteria page displays.
  1. Click on the Approve or Acknowledge Time radio button.
  2. If you are acting as a Proxy for time approval, select the name of the person for whom you are acting as Proxy from the Act as Proxy drop-down list.
  3. Click Select Button.PNG. The Approver Selection page displays.
  4. Select and sort the time sheets.
    1. If you approve time in more than one college department, click the radio button associated with the department for which you want to approve time.
    2. From the Pay Period drop down list, select the pay period for time approval.
    3. Select the sort order to view employee time records, the choices are:
      Sort employees' records by Status then by Name
      -  sorts by transaction status of the time sheets, and alphabetically by name within the transaction status.
      Sort employees' records by Name - sorts records alphabetically by name.
    4. Click Select Button.PNG. The Department Summary page opens.
  5. To work with a Pending time sheet of an individual employee, click the name in the Name and Position column. The Employee Details page displays - it contains 5 sections of information:
    1. Employee Detail; name, ID number, position, organization and transaction status of an employee's time sheet.
    2. Time Sheet; detail of daily hours.
    1. Comments; comments from employee.
    2. Routing Queue; names of persons who must perform actions with the time sheet with the action details and date the action was taken.
    3. Account Distribution; account information for the labor distribution.

The approver can take the following actions:
Click Approve_Button to approve the employee’s time sheet.
Return_for_Correction to return the time record to the employee.
Click Change_Record to change the time detail.
Click Delete_Button to delete the time record.
Click Add_Comment to add a comment to the record.

If, on the Approver Selection page, you chose to Sort employees' records by Name, you may bypass having to open each employee time sheet by using the extra columns displayed.To selectively approve Pendingtime sheets or return them for correction:

        1. Click the check box on the employee' record in the Approve or FYI or the Return for Correction column.
        2. Click Save_Button.To approve all Pending time sheets:
              1. Click Select_All_Approve_or_FYI.
              2. Click Save_Button.


  • Remember to click Save_Button if you are approving time sheets on the Summary page. The Summary page is the list of all employees for your approval and their transaction status.
  • Please verify that the employees you intended to approve have been moved from a Pending status to an Approved status before exiting.