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Implementation Team

  • ITS Staff - David Ludwig, Charlotte Pratt, Amy Stocklen, Cindy Peet, Tom Cutter, Melissa Floyd
  • Student -
    • Jen Thompson, Kathy Weiss, Seamus Dorrian (Registrar's office)
    • Adela Langrock, Tom McManamy, Jeff Goulette (Institutional Research)
    • John Nordmeyer (UG Admissions)
    • Kara Doner (Language Schools)
    • Elaine Lathrop, Diane Baroz (Breadloaf School of English)
    • Liz Ross (Schools Abroad)
  • ISSS - Kathy Foley
  • HR - Ellen Usilton, Lisa Hoff, Cathy Vincent
  • Payroll - Karen Carpenter, Marc McDonough
  • Student Financial Services - Kim Downs-Burns, Mike McLaughlin, Dan Maguffin, Jane Aube, Gary Harder
  • Finance - Jai Shankar, Chris West
  • Public Safety - Fawn Torrey, Solon Coburn
  • Facilities Services - Jen Erwin, Jacki Galenkamp,
  • College Advancement - Jami Black, Carol Grant, Dana Livingston, Brenda Currier, Kim Ehritt

Argos Reporting System User Roles

Unlike the Hyperion EPM reporting system where we were limited to 25 report writers across the institution, the Evisions Argos system allows Middlebury to have an unlimited number of report users, report writers, and data-block designers.

  • Report Users - End users and consumers of reports. Are able to access and run reports and export results in ways defined by the report writer.
  • Report Writers - Report writers are able to create reports in various formats using datasets exposed by data-block designers.
  • Data-block Designers - The Data-block is a structure unique to the Evisions Argos product. A data-block aggregates the data that can then be used by a report writer to create a report. From the Evisions Help Documentation, a Data-block is ‘the foundation from which all reports are created and contains Forms and Queries. Queries obtain data from a database.’ Forms obtain input from an end-user and display the results of a report.

Implementation Timeline

March 2016, ITS staff worked with the EPM reporting group to create multiple sub-project teams tasked with analyzing and converting reports over to the new Argos reporting system. Functional reporting working groups representing Student/Faculty, Payroll, Human Resources & Academic Affairs, Student Financial Services, Facilities Services, Public Safety, and Finance were created. These working groups analyzed, reviewed, and prioritized roughly 2800 reports in Hyperion EPM. Reports were identified as Critical, Important, Nice to Have, or Not Needed. Due to personnel, time, and funding constraints only Critical and Important reports were considered for conversion. Approximately 1,000 reports were identified as Critical or Important and prioritized for conversion to Argos.

ITS received funding for the implementation and ongoing support of the Argos reporting system in fiscal year 17. In June- July of 2016, Evisions Argos was installed and tested against our Banner databases hosted by Ellucian. December 2016, approximately 25 individuals from functional areas and ITS were trained on basic reporting and “data block” design functionality by Evisions, the manufacturer of the Argos Enterprise Reporting system.

Report conversion from Hyperion EPM 11 to the new Argos platform began in earnest January 2017. Functional area working groups conducted extensive analysis around how to combine and aggregate existing reports. The vision for converting from Hyperion EPM to Evisions Argos was to write as few data blocks and reports as possible, as advised by Evisions. Unfortunately, Evisions consultants, working in collaboration with ITS and functional reporting experts, were unable to determine an effective way to aggregate and combine existing reports and data blocks in an effective and timely fashion.

Dissatisfied with the services we were receiving from our current consulting service, ITS ended the consulting relationship in March 2017 and engaged with Strata Information Group (SIG) to assist with report conversions to Argos. Fall of 2017, ITS engaged a number of student workers and temporary staff focused on report conversions. Much of our progress to date can be attributed to the efforts of numerous student workers. September 2017, ITS staff established a training program to train additional functional users on report and data block creation in Argos.

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