Argos Resources and Training

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Training as an Argos Data-Block Designer, Report Writer, and Report User is available through several channels including on-demand videos provided on the Evision’s website and scheduled in-person training provided by ITS.

How to Access On-demand Training Resources
  1. Go to http://support.evisions.com/Support/ProductSupport/Argos.aspx
  2. First time Argos users will need to click "register" and create an account. Please note this account is separate from your Middlebury account - keep the ID and password for future reference.
  3. Click on the Free Online Training link
  4. Scroll down to “On demand online training” and click on the plus (+) sign to open this up
  5. Click on the first two trainings (in this order).
  • Report Viewer Training
  • Report Writer Training

If you want additional videos, click on Documentation and Software link, select Argos and then click on “Search Now”. After the page refreshes, scroll down and you can download and watch the videos.

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