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[[Category:Web Help Desk documentation]]

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  • We have "auto increment asset no." unchecked as we use asset number as the Midd Tag and need to be able to control what that number is.
  • We have nothing else set on this page


  • A listing of all Asset types
  • Clicking on one lets you choose which Custom fields (below) will appear for that type of asset. (NOTE: When creating a new custom field, you must then assign it to various Asset types here.)
  • Also contains tabs for Status, Warranty, and Lease. Of these, we use Status.

Asset custom fields

  • A list of all Asset custom fields. Click on one to edit.
  • The order in this list is the order they will appear in Asset records.
  • Best practice tip: when creating a custom field, preface it with the Asset type that will be the primary user, and try to group it with similar fields. (ie. all Phone: custom fields grouped together.)
  • Some fields have (archival) in the title. These are fields that we no longer use but that contain information that we wanted to retain.
  • A note about the custom field "Department (list)". Because this field is so long, editing it is cumbersome. Therefore, an FAQ has been created that contains the same list in a more editable format. (FAQ 152). Edit the list in the FAQ, copy it, save the FAQ, then paste into the custom field.

Manufacturers and models

  • A list of Manufacturers. Clicking on one brings up additional info about the manufacturer. The Models tab at the top brings up a list of that Manufacturer's models.
  • NOTE: In the Asset module, The "Model" dropdown menu contains both model AND manufacturer as one field.
  • In order to add a new model, you also need to know what type of asset it is.
  • Best practice: be consistent with the model names - look for similar names and add new ones in the same capitalization, spacing, punctuation, etc.


We have not made use of Vendors.

Discovery connections

PO custom fields

We do not use PO custom fields.

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