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[1]Assigning A Proxy For Time Approvals

Time Entry Approvers can assign another employee as a proxy to approve time sheets in their absence. Proxies must be configured with appropriate security parameters set. There are two options available for requesting and setting up proxy(s).

Option 1

Time Entry Approver should contact the appropriate department email or extension with the information listed below:

1. Employee(s) being assigned as proxy.

2. Employee(s) for which proxy should have approval authority.

For Staff approval, please contact Human Resources at hr@middlebury.edu or ext. 5156.

For Student approval, please contact Student Employment at seo@middlebury.edu or ext. 5377.

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours (excluding weekends) for your request to be processed.

Option 2

1. Contact Human Resources providing them with the name(s) of your proxy or proxies, and the employee(s) for which they should have approval authority. Allow the time they request for configuration of security parameters.

2. To log into Banner, type go/inb in the Address field of your browser and press Key Enter.png.

3. Click the link for the Production database. The Logon dialog box opens.

4. Complete the Logon dialog box as follows:

a. In the Username field, type your username.

b. In the Password field, type your password.

c. Click Connect.png.

5. In the Go To field of GUAGMNU, type NTRPROX and press Key Enter.png. The Electronic

Approval Proxy Rules NTRPROX form opens.

6. From the Options menu, select Time Entry Proxy. The Alternate Logon Verification Form opens.

7. Your username should appear in the Alternate User ID field. In the Alternate Password field, type your Banner password.

8. Click Verify.png. The Time Entry Proxies form opens.

9. Enter the Proxy ID of the person you want to designate as a proxy in one of the two following ways:

a. Enter their username:

a. In the Proxy ID field, type the username of the person you want to be a proxy.

b. Press [[Image:Key_Tab.png. The full name of the person populates the Name field.

b. Search for the Proxy ID.

a. Click NextRecord.png to locate the Proxy ID.

b. Use the scroll bar to view the list of available proxies.

c. Double-click your selection to populate the Proxy ID and Name fields.

10. Press Key Down.png if additional proxies are desired and repeat the procedure above.

11. If you make a mistake and want to remove a Proxy ID:

a. Select the Proxy ID to be deleted.

b. Click [[Image:Remove_Record.png (Remove Record).

12. When you are finished, click Save icon.PNG (Save).

13. Click Exit Icon.png (Exit).


Finished Proxy List

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