Atwater SMART Classroom Guide

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Atwater Commons Seminar Room (A100)

More information for this classroom is coming soon.

For troubleshooting tips go to go/troubleshoot.

Atwater Commons Dining Seminar Room (D102)

Location Of Equipment

Atwater Commons Dining Seminar Room 102 is equipped with a projection system that accepts input from a laptop computer, a VCR, a DVD player, an auxiliary computer and video equipment and projects the output onto the screen at the front of the room for display. You can also play CDs in the DVD player. All equipment is controlled by the Touch Panel system. The relevant equipment is located at:

Equipment Location
Touch Panel On the lectern
Projector Hanging from the ceiling
Projection screen In ceiling pocket at the front of the room
Computer network cable On the lectern
Computer interface cables On the lectern
VCR In the lectern
DVD player In the lectern
Auxiliary equipment adaptors In the lectern

Video and Computer Projection

For details on Video and Computer Projection, including how to operate the Touch Panel and equipment, see: Video_And_Computer_Projection.

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