Atwater SMART Classroom Guide

Atwater Commons Seminar Room (A100)

Location Of Equipment Atwater Commons Seminar Room A100 is equipped with a projection system that accepts input from a laptop computer, a VCR, a DVD player, an auxiliary computer and video equipment and projects the output onto the screen at the front of the room for display. You can also play CDs in the DVD player. All equipment is controlled by the Touch Panel system. The relevant equipment is located at:

Equipment Location

Touch Panel A small screen on a shelf near the telephone

Projector Hanging from the ceiling

Projection screen In ceiling pocket at the front of the room

Computer network cable Plugged into the wall under the telephone

Computer interface cables Emerge from a metal plate in the floor under the front table

VCR In the equipment rack

DVD player In the equipment rack

Auxiliary equipment adaptors In the equipment rack

Using The Touch Panel The control system for audio-visual equipment in this room is incorporated in the portable Touch Panel system. You may move the Touch Panel around the room, if you desire, but please return it to its charging unit when you are finished. An overview of your interaction with the Touch Panel system is: 1. Touch the Touch Panel screen anywhere to activate it. Note that you should use a deliberate pressing motion when interacting with the controls rather than a light tap or a hard jab. 2. When the Atwater Commons Seminar Room screen appears, touch the Touch Panel screen anywhere to access the main menu. 3. Touch the button for the equipment you want to use. The projection screen will descend and the projector powers on.

4. Control the equipment you want to use with the Touch Panel system, including room lights, projection screen, VCR, your laptop computer, DVD/CD player, and auxiliary computer and video equipment. From most control screens you can also: • Touch Screen Control to lower or raise the projection screen. • Touch to change the room lighting. • Touch the up arrow or down arrow to increase or decrease the level of sound. • Touch to return to the main menu to access the Shutdown procedure. 5. When you are finished: a. Touch , then touch to end your session. The Shutdown Warning displays. b. Touch to end your session or touch if you’ve started the shutdown process by mistake. Note: You cannot turn the projection system back on for 3 minutes after shutdown. c. Please return the portable Touch Panel to its charging station next to the telephone.

Notes: It is important that everything is turned off to protect the integrity of the security system and extend the life of the electronic equipment. You must remove your media from the equipment in the racks BEFORE you turn off the system power.

Screen Controls 1. On any screen, touch . 2. Touch or to raise or lower the screen.

Room Light Controls 1. On any screen, touch to control the room lights. 2. Touch , , , , or to achieve the desired lighting level.

Atwater Commons Dining Seminar Room (D102)

More information for this classroom will be coming soon.

For troubleshooting tips go to go/troubleshoot.

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