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==Other Resources==
==Other Resources==
[[Media:Bp4029_ss_e.pdf|Information Sheet]]
==External Links==
==External Links==
[[FMMC Equipment]]
[[FMMC Equipment]]

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The Audio-Technica BP4029 (AT835ST) Stereo Shotgun Microphone offers two internally-matrixed modes which provide traditional "left-right" stereo. To accommodate varying acoustic environments, the user may select between a "wide" pattern (LR-W) with increased ambient pickup, and a "narrow" pattern (LR-N) which offers more rejection and less ambience.

In M-S mode, the BP4029 provides independent Mid and Side signals. This allows the Mid-Side balance to be adjusted as desired at the recording desk or mixing electronics, reducing the amount of equipment necessary in the field.

Other Resources

Information Sheet

External Links

FMMC Equipment

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