Audiocassettes in small containers

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Create a shelflist card for all audiocassettes that come in small boxes or that are unboxed, even if they are just accompanying material, because they are housed in Permanent Reserve &amp; will not be shelved by LC call number.

Do not create cards for CDs or CD-ROMs. 

The shelflist is in the old card catalog section near Marlena.

Add 099 to bib record: Cass 555 [etc.] . Delete any 09X already existing in bib record (unless cassette is just accompanying material) If cassette is accompanying material, add $e to bib record if not already there: $e 1 sound cassette Create shelflist card containing the following information:

  • Shelflist number (the higher numbers starting with Cass 500 are for oversized cassette cases)
  • Quantity of cassettes
  • DBCN number
  • Title

Write the following on cassette or cassette container (or use post-it if you can't write on item itself):

  • DBCN Perm Reserve
  • Shelflist number (Cass 555 [etc.])
  • pt. 1 [etc., if necessary]
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