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Axinn 100 Smart Classroom Guide

In this space you can project from a laptop with VGA and HDMI, play a Blu-ray and DVD, and connect an auxiliary RCA device onto 2 different screens. You can also control the lights, shades, and screens from the touchpanel.

Turn the System On - Touch the touchpanl screen anywhere to go to the Main Menu. This will turn on the amp in the rack.

Lights - Press the Lights icon on the main menu. There are 4 different light settings. Full on, Presentation, Video, and All Off.

Volume - The Volume can be controlled on the right right of the touch screen. You can also mute the audio if needed.

Shades - you can lower the shades for the windows for a better projected image, Press the Shade Control icon located at the bottom right of the touch screen.

Screens - Press the Screens icon on the main menu. Choose which screen you would like to use. If you are using the large center screen you can also mask the sides of the screen if you are projecting an image that is a standard 4:3 image.

Projecting from VGA or HDMI - Press Laptop icon on the touchpanel screen. Connect the either cable to your computer, if you have a Mac you will need the appropriate adapter/dongle. If you don't have one you can loan one from the library. The system with automatically detect with cable you are using. You should have projection. If you do not have projection, go to the troubleshooting section of this document.

Watching a Blu-ray - Press the Blu-ray 1 or 2 icon on the touchpanel screen, you might need to power on the device, insert your disc and press play. You can also control the Bly-ray player from the touchpanel. You can play, pause, stop, eject, fast forward, rewind, skip forward, skip back, navigate the DVD menu and choose close captions.

Composite Video - Press the Composite Video icon on the touchpanel screen. Connect your device to the RCA (red, white, and yellow input in the rack.

Turning Off the System - Press the red System Shutdown icon on the Main Menu. Press the red System Off icon to confirm.

For troubleshooting tips go to go/troubleshoot or contact the Helpdesk at x2200

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