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== '''Axinn 232 Classroom Instructions''' ==
== '''Axinn 232 Classroom Instructions''' ==

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Axinn 232 Classroom Instructions

In this space you can project from a laptop using a VGA cable, play a Blu-ray, DVD, and VHS. You can project onto 2 different screens and there are microphones available if needed. Contact Media Services for assistance in this room.

Lighting Controls - Press the Lighting Controls icon on the left side of the touchpanel screen. There are five settings to choose from, full on, medium for projecting but enough light to take notes, Low, with light only for the podium, Video for watching a film, and Off.

Screen Control - Choose the aspect ratio for the main projector through masking the screen. You can also control the main curtain to open and close.

Projecting from VGA - Press the Podium Computer icon on the touchpanel screen, then choose which projector you want to project from. Connect the VGA cable to your laptop. If you have a Mac, you will need the appropriate adapter/dongle. If you do not have one you can loan one from the circulation desk at the library. You should have projection. If you do not have projection, go to the troubleshoot section of this document.

Watching a Blu-ray - Press the Blu-ray icon on the Main Menu, then choose which projector you want to project from. Insert your disc and press play. You can control the Blu-ray player from the touchpanel. You can play, pause, stop, fast forward, rewind, skip forward, skip backward, and navigate the DVD menu.

DVD/VCR - Press the VCR/DVD icon at the top of the touchpanel screen. Choose which ource you want to use. You can control the combo player from the touchpanel.

Please remember to turn the system off when you are finished to save energy.

Using the Microphones

There is a wireless handheld microphone and lapel mic in a drawer in the rack (it is labeled wireless mics).

You may need to power on the amp (approx. chest level), it has many dials on it. Power switch is on the right. You may also have to power on the microphone receivers. They are above the drawer in the rack.

You may need to replace the batteries in the microphones.

Volume control for the individual microphones is labeled on the amp, Handheld, Lavalier.

PLEASE, remember to bring AA batteries with you!

For troubleshooting tips, go to go/troubleshoot or contact the Helpdesk at x2200

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