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*Display – reserve library display shelf for 2 weeks; gather display materials; change status to "on display;" arrange display of Writers’ Conference books @ Davis Family Library; save book jackets for after conference display
*Display – reserve library display shelf for 2 weeks; gather display materials; change status to "on display;" arrange display of Writers’ Conference books @ Davis Family Library; save book jackets for after conference display
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Procedures for Bread Loaf Writers' Conference

Spring Prior to Conference

  • Contact and/or meet with Conference Coordinator, liaisons, Collection Management, College Bookstore
  • Review workflow, deadlines, needs of BLWC, what worked well/not previous year
  • Review liaison process for ordering/budget process with CM
  • Library & computing needs?
  • Apple Lab? Printing & photocopying in Library? Computers in Library?
  • Reserve readings – set deadline for timely orders
  • BLWC coordinator will send orders to Order Office, College Bookstore and Reserve Office by end of May, 1st week in June
  • BLWC office requests/orders books directly from Acquisitions Department/Collections Development & Bookstore
  • Process all orders for BLWC Reserve Summer XX
  • Process for Reserve Shelf - books by faculty, fellows, scholars, guests and requests for reserve readings by workshop faculty
  • Save jackets for BLWC materials - for display during the conference and for Mail Library display post conference
  • Reserve space for Davis Family Library display for end of August/beginning Sept
  • Review Conference schedule of events, list of participants, WC packet, catalog, etc. (some items may not be available until the 1st day of the Conference)
  • Conference brochures at Info Desk?

Month up to the day before Conference

  • Review borrower data base for accuracy – name, ptype, address, email (no email - notices default to paper notices), exp dates as due date
  • Verify patron record is correct, review & set loan rules, verify functionality of LRDT, days/hours open/closed, Mill Circ parameters
  • Set up schedule of Writers’ Conference – LIS staff 1 to 5 pm daily during the conference, starting the day prior to the conference
  • Reserve Coordinator – reserve lists, BLWC orders, rush orders; save book jackets for display
  • Submit web request to Facilities Management to deliver boxes/bins of BLWC reserve materials
  • Box Davison BLWC materials & deliver to mailroom by 1st day of Conference/last day of BLSE for delivery to BL
  • Recall charged items, search missing items, request items from branch libraries, other collections
  • Check faculty/fellow/scholars/guest list updates/changes & updates on web – pick up books & process for reserves as needed
  • Review & update forms and procedures and desk handbook/binder


  • Bring desk supplies, box of paper, pads of paper
  • Bring empty bins, boxes, packing tape
  • Verify Davison library security, opening, closing schedule with Conference Coordinator
  • Review request process/procedures and workflow
  • Meet with Conference coordinator - confirm staffing & LIS services day before start of conference
  • Pick up Conference packet & Master List (with ID numbers) of participants, faculty and staff
  • Test Mill Circ – do Reserve items check out OK to ptype? Check LR/LRDT. Check login permissions.
  • Review borrower data base - enter BLWC patrons not in system as needed
  • Arrange Reserve shelves alpha by author
  • Display books face out with jackets as space allows – check daily author reading schedule and feature their books
  • Display workshop packets – Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction
  • Signage as needed: Reserve books – For Workshop & Library Use (may circulate for 1 day if requested), Workshop packets

During Conference

  • LIS provides liaison to conference, daily courier service, fills requests, troubleshoots, supervises & trains BLWC library assistant (if one is assigned by WC), checks log book and resolves questions and problems, searches missing books, refers questions, requests as needed to Circ staff, others in LIS as needed
  • Conference staff checks on the library in the mornings and conveys any messages/requests to Davis Family Library
  • Maintain library facility, shelving & security of collections
  • Maintain notebook – faculty lists, daily Crumb Newsletter, procedures
  • Check daily for changes – comings and goings of visiting faculty, guests, search catalog and add their books to the Reserve shelf
  • Communicate with Conference community
  • LIS staff serves as courier during Conference - contact BL Inn office if extra courier services needed during conference.
  • Connect with Apple Cellar computing lab/HD staff as needed
  • Check in with conference coordinator daily as needed
  • Process requests

Also during Conference

  • BLSE end of term tasks - set-up for BLWC may overlap with BLSE break-down
  • Check for any BLSE returns (bring empty bins, boxes and packing tape!)
  • Check in returns from BLSE and set in transit to Davis Family Library in bins
  • Search missing materials from BLSE reserve lists
  • Search from monthly “missing” report for items with Davison owning location
  • Search BLSE overdue & bill notices
  • Shelve Davison materials

Near/At end of Conference

  • Make sure there are enough empty courier bins or boxes @ Davison
  • Submit web request to Facilities Management to pick up boxes/bins Monday after conference
  • Saturday Crumb announcement & last day meal announcement to return library books
  • Gather any posters or materials that would be useful for the BLWC display
  • Pick up master copy of Directory on last Saturday of Conference
  • Check for holds and requests before packing up
  • Create Lists function to identify overdue/items still checked out to BLWC borrowers; missing materials etc.
  • Box up for delivery to Davis Family Library – Circ Desk – for display – do not send directly to shelves
  • Shelve Davison books
  • Clear hold/request shelf
  • Check in all returns & place Davis Family, Armstrong, items in bins/boxes for delivery to Davis Family Library
  • Search missing books
  • General clean up
  • Log off & shut down library computers, check lab, turn off printers & copier, lights etc.
  • Check Conference Office & BL Inn front desk for returns
  • Pack up any misc. requests, equipment, supplies, white conference notebook etc. for return to Davis Family Library
  • Lock library (bring the Davison Library key to lock up on the last day of the conference)

Back at the Davis Family Library

  • Reserves processing
  • Troubleshoot missing, claim returned, overdue items etc.
  • Stats & reports: number of items on reserve, circ activity, requests
  • Run overdue/bill notices & search for items before forwarding (check Conference directory for contact info & update borrower record)
  • Display – reserve library display shelf for 2 weeks; gather display materials; change status to "on display;" arrange display of Writers’ Conference books @ Davis Family Library; save book jackets for after conference display
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