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See also Selective Backup.

Windows XP

Automated Backup

There are several interesting options for automatically/semi-automatically backing up data.

Windows Backup

Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Backup


A neat small backup tool by Microsoft. Is capable of backing data to a network drive such as middfiles\home.

Lacie'1-Click' Backup Software

Lacie external drives come with Lacie '1-Click' Backup Software. I think anyone with a Lacie external drive is entitled to this software.

Windows Vista

Vista has a built-in tool called Backup and Restore Center. This feature is accessed via the control panel (Start -> Control Panel -> Backup and Restore). The program allows a user to run full scheduled backups of their computer or selective backups of certain folders or files. The tool supports both external hard drives and networked drives.

Mac OS X - Tiger

Lacie'1-Click' Backup Software

Lacie was kind enough to release a Mac version of their back up software. Again, I think anyone with a Lacie external drive is entitled to this software.

Mac OS X - Leopard

Time Machine

Time Machine is a piece of backup software created by Mac. It is designed to work with any external hard drive and some networked drives. Time machine does not do selective backups, like a single folder, but rather stores several hundred past configurations of your computer. This makes it easy to recover a document or revert to a previous state if necessary. Time Machine is controlled through System Preferences.

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