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BannerWeb is the web-based system used by students and faculty to access grades and registration information, personal information, and financial information. It is also where college emplyees fill out and submit their timesheets. BannerWeb should not be confused with Banner (also known as INB).

You can use BannerWeb to access a variety of online services for students. After you log into BannerWeb, a menu is presented that offers the following options briefly outlined in the BannerWeb For Students Menu section.

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Logging into BannerWeb for the first time

  1. There are multiple ways to reach the BannerWeb login page:
  2. On the User Login page, enter in your user ID and PIN.
    • Your user ID is the 8-digit number, generally starting with 00, which is printed on your ID card and is mailed to incoming students a couple months before they first arrive at Middlebury.
      If you feel you should have this number but don't know it, call the Helpdesk at 802 443 2200.
    • Your PIN is a 6-digit numeric password. The first time you access BannerWeb, your PIN is set to your birthdate in the format MMDDYY (just 6 digits). When you first log in, BannerWeb will ask you to choose a new PIN. Don't forget this number.
  3. Click Login button.PNG. If your user ID and PIN are accepted, you'll see a Login Verification screen.
  4. The Login Verification screen will ask you to change your PIN. Enter in your old (current) PIN in the first field. Then choose a new, secret 6-digit number and enter that as your new PIN. You'll have to enter that twice.
  5. Once you have entered your old PIN and a new PIN, click the Login button.PNG button.
  6. You will be asked to set a Personal Security Question and Answer to identify yourself to the system in case you forget your PIN and want to reset it yourself. Enter in a question and answer, keeping in mind that you'll have to spell the answer exactly the same way in the future.
    • This question will let you set a new PIN if you forget what your PIN was five years from now, so make sure it's a question you'll know the answer to, that no one else will know.
  7. Once you have chosen a question and answer, click Submit Answer. You'll be directed towards the BannerWeb menu.

Trouble accessing BannerWeb

If you enter your User ID/PIN combination 5 times incorrectly, your access to BannerWeb is disabled. To re-enable it:

  1. Go to the BannerWeb login page and enter in your 8-digit user ID, but leave the PIN field empty.
  2. Click the Forgot PIN? button.
  3. You will be asked the Personal Security Question that you set for yourself. Answer the question correctly, and your account will be re-enabled and you will be asked to set a new PIN.

If you don't know your user ID, can't answer the security question, or have other trouble logging into BannerWeb, call us at the Helpdesk (802 443 2200) for help.

Your BannerWeb PIN will never "expire" or change on its own. To change your PIN, log into BannerWeb, then click on Personal Information -> Change your PIN.

BannerWeb menu quick reference for students

The BannerWeb menu of options for students includes the following items:

  • Student Records and Registration
    • Registration – register for your classes online
    • Student Records – grades, transcripts, progress reports
    • Enrollment Verifications
    • Course Evaluations
    • Volunteer Service Tracking
    • Student Organization Involvement
  • Employee
    • Time Sheet – enter hours worked for student employees
    • Pay Information
    • Benefits and Deductions
    • Tax Forms
    • Current and Past Jobs
    • Update Emergency Contacts
  • Personal Information
    • Change Your PIN
    • Social Security Number Change Information
    • Change Security Question
    • Mailbox Combination
    • Housing Information
    • Personal Evacuation Plan
    • Update Cell Phone
    • Vehicle or Bicycle Registration
    • Will you be staying on Campus during Break?
  • Student Accounts and Financial Aid
    • View Holds
    • Account and Financial Aid Information
    • FACTS Tuition Management and Payment Plans
    • Financial Aid Forms
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Contact Student Financial Services
    • Financial Aid Links