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Banner places a file of library patrons onto the Millennium server every Monday. The following procedure describes how the Library then processes it in the Millennium client, so that the most recently updated version is available to the circulation module (of Innovative Interfaces, Inc.'s Millennium).

Borrower database download from Banner - weekly procedure

  1. Login to Sierra with mmcircsu
  2. Select "Data Exchange" from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner
  3. Find the most recent load in the format YYMMDD.pfts (e.g., library_patrons_160425.pfts or library_patrons_miis_160425.pfts for Monterey) usually at the bottom, and highlight it
  4. Click "Prep P" at the top right
  5. Click "Start" at the bottom. When it is done - click close in the upper right.
  6. Select the same file, only now in the yymmdd.pat format (one line above the last line)
  7. Click "Load" in the upper right
  8. Click "Test" at the bottom
  9. Click "Load" at the bottom
  10. Check for any errors

By Borrower Groups

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff: Music applied faculty enter the system (and get updated periodically) as staff. Once a semester, run a list of patrons with "applied music" in their note field and change them to ptype 52 music faculty.
  • Guests

By Semester

  • Fall
  • Winter: WT Faculty - End of winter term; when WT ends may extend borrowing through Summer Term as a courtesy guest (ptype 107) or alum if appropriate; set date for 9/30/20XX; replace college address and email with home contact info (may teach next WT); edit note field "Winter Term faculty 20XX" and current status - ie alum'XX or guest courtesy
  • Spring: recent Feb grads have student privileges until May graduation
  • Summer: recent grads; may be alum or summer staff; update ptype to reflect current status; enter home address; update email; phone, etc.; remove exp. date from record
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