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| CareerServices-Adirondack  
| CareerServices-Adirondack  
Curriculum Ctr-Twilight Scott Center-135 S Main Scott Center Ref-135 S Main  
Curriculum Ctr-Twilight <br>Scott Center-135 S Main <br>Scott Center Ref-135 S Main  
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III Bib Code

III Item Code

Description - Item Label

ma maa maa maa mar map map map map mag mag maa mac mac mas ma

maa maaov maalo mar mapb mapc mapfm mapfc mag magov mam macd mace macs marlg

Armstrong Library
Armstrong Stacks
Armstrong Oversize
Armstrong Large Oversize
Armstrong Ref
Armstrong Bd Periodicals
Armstrong Curr Periodicals
Armstrong Microfilm
Armstrong Microfiche
Armstrong Gov Docs
Armstrong GDocs Oversize
Armstrong Maps Case
Armstrong Circ Desk (inc. media)
Equipment (Arm. Circ Desk)
Armstrong Reserves
GIS Lab Bi Hall


md md md md

mda mdr mdp mds

Davison (Breadloaf)

Davison (Breadloaf) Davison (Breadloaf) Ref Davison (Breadloaf) Periodicals Davison (Breadloaf) Reserves


mfa mfa mfa mfa mfa mfa mfa mfa mfa mfa mfa mfa mfa mfa mfr mfr mfr mfr mfr mfr mfr mfr mfr mfr mfr mfr mfr mfr mfc mfc mfc mfc mfc mfc mfc mfc mff mff f f mfv mfv mfv mfv mfv mf

mfab mfaba mfabf mfabl mfabo mfabr mfafc mfalo mfaov mfamd mfapm mfapo mfapl mfapr mfrbm mfrfo mfrov mfrlo mfrbr mfrbo mfrfc mfrlp mfrmd mfrr mfrro mfrpm mfrpo mfrms mfca mfcfo mfcfc mfcmd mfcov mfclo mfcpm mfcre mffl mffms fb ff mfvt mfvto mfvtm mfvtr mfvts mfx

Special Coll. (Main)

Abernethy Collection (Main) Abernethy Library Aber Flat Oversize Aber Broad Lg. Over Aber Broadsides Over Aber Broadsides (Main) Aber Flatcase (Main) Aber Lg Oversize (Main) Aber Oversize(Main) Aber Media (Main) Aber Pamphlet (Main) Aber Pamph Over (Main) Aber Pamph Lg Over (Main) Aber Periodicals Rare Bks & MSS (Main) RB&M Flat (Main) RB&M Oversize (Main) RB&M Lg Oversize (Main) RB&M Broadsides (Main) RB&M Broads Over (Main) RB&M Flatcase (Main) Spec Coll LPs (Main) RB&M Media (Main) Spec Coll Ref (Main) Spec Coll Offices (Main) RB&M Pamphlet (Main) RB&M Pamphlet Over (Main) RB&M Mss (Main) College Archives (Main) Coll Archives Flat (Main) Coll Archives Flatcase (Main) Coll Archives Media (Main) Coll Archives Over (Main) Coll Archives Lg Over (Main) Coll Archives Pamph (Main) Coll Archives Realia (Main) Flanders Coll (Main) Flanders Mss. (Main) Flanders Broadsides (Main) Flanders Field Recordings (Main) Vermont Coll (Main) VT Coll Oversize (Main) VT Coll Maps (Main) VT Coll Locked (Main) VT Coll Locked Map case (Main) Spec Coll Exhibit (Main)


mma mma mma mma mma mma mma

mma3 mma1 mma2 mmao mmafm mmafc mmaw

Main Library

Main Stacks Upper Lvl Main Stacks Lower Lvl Main Stacks Main Lvl Main Over-Upper Lvl Main Microfilm-Main Lvl Main Microfiche-MainLvl Main Wilson Media Lab


mmb mmb mmb mmb mmb mmb mmb mmb

mmbg mmbd mmbl mmbc mmbf mmbp mmbw mmby


General Browsing-Main Browsing DVDs-Main Language Browsing-Main Current Interest-Main Faculty authors-Main Children's picture books-Main Browsing Wellness-Main Yearbooks-Main


mmc mmc mmc mmc mmc mmc mmc mmc mmc mmc mmc mms

mmce mmcc mmct mmcd mmci mmcr mmcv mmcf mmcl mmcw mmcp mmcs

Main Circ Desk

Main Equipment-CircDesk Main CDs-Circ Desk Main Cassettes-Circ Desk Main DVDs-Circ Desk Main Interlibrary Loan Main CD-ROMS-Circ Desk Main Videocass-Circ Desk Main 16mm-Circ Desk Main Laser Discs-Circ Desk Main Software-Circ Desk Main Perm Reserve Main Library Reserves

meb mer mep meg mev

meb mer mep meg mev

Internet Resources

Electronic books Electronic References Electronic Journals Electonic Gov Docs Electronic AV


mmg mmg mmg mmg mmg mmg mmg mmg

mmg mmgf mmgo mmgr mmgc mmgm mmgx mmgxo

Government Documents

Gov Docs-Main Gov Docs Microfiche Gov Docs Over-Main Gov Docs Ref-Main Gov Docs CDRoms-Main Gov Docs Maps-Main Gov Docs Locked-Main Gov Docs Locked Oversized




Preservation & Processing

Pres & Proc Office-Main


mmla mmla mmlc mmlc mmlj mmlj mmlj mml

mmla mmlar mmlc mmlch mmlj mmljo mmljr mmln

Main Language Collections

Arabic Collection-Main Arabic Coll Ref-Main Chinese Collection-Main Chinese Coll Ref-Main Japanese Collection-Main Japanese Coll Over-Main Japanese Coll Ref-Main Nolfi-Main Library


mmo mmo mmo mmo mmo mmo mmo

mmoca mmoac mmose mmosy mmoil mmore mmogd

Main Offices

Catalog Office-Main Acquisitions Office-Main Serials Office-Main Systems Office-Main ILL Office-Main Reference Offices-Main GovDocs Office-Main


mmp mmp mmp mmp mmp mmp

mmpb mmpc mmpfm mmpfc mmpin mmpn

Main Periodicals

Main Bound Periodicals Main Current Periodicals Main Microfilm (Periodicals) Main Microfiche (Periodicals) Main Microform Indexes Main Current Newspapers


mmr mmr mmr mmr

mmr mmrr mmrma mmrmv

Main Reference

Main Reference Main Ready Reference Main Atlas Case Main Map Vertical File


mmx mmx mmx mmx mmx

mmxc mmxl mmxr mmxu mmx2

Main Exhibits

CTLR Display-Main Lobby Display-Main Upper Reading Room-Main Upper North display-Main Room 201-Main


mu mu mu mu mu mu mu

mua muaov muat muasm muaso mufc mufm

Music Library

Music Stacks Music Oversize Music Play Collection Music Mini Scores Music Oversize Scores Music Microfiche Music Microfilm


muc muc mus

muc muce mucs

Music Circ Desk

Music Circ Desk Music Equipment-Circ Desk Course Reserves


mur mur

mur mury

Music Reference

Music Reference Music Encyclopedia Area


mup mup mup mup

mup mupc mupfc mupfm

Music Periodicals

Music Periodicals Music Curr Periodicals Music Microfiche Music Microfilm


mud mud mud mud mud mud mud mud mud

mudc mudcl mudcb mudco mudl muds mudd mudv muda

Music AV

Music CDs Music CDs (local) Music CDs (browsing) Music CDs (oversize) Music LPs Music Cassettes Music DVDs Music VHS Music LaserDiscs


muo muo muo mmc

muo6 muo7 muos mxsund

Music Offices

Music Lib Office (116) Music Lib Office (117) Sheet Music Collection Sunderland Equipment

Non-Library Office Collections






Curriculum Ctr-Twilight
Scott Center-135 S Main
Scott Center Ref-135 S Main

Off-Campus Locations
omill omill Mills College