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FINES AND BILLS- General Guidelines

  • Lost, damaged or severely overdue library materials will incur a replacement charge, status will be BILLED
  • Hourly and reserve materials will incur replacement charges soon after overdue (based on hourly loan rules)
  • Most open stacks materials (28 day loan) will incur replacement charge & BILLED status after 28 days overdue
  • Items with BILLED status will block borrowing privileges; manually generated "statement of charges" notices are sent weekly to borrowers with "billed" status items on their accounts, in addition to automated library notices
  • Items with BILLED status remain on the borrower’s library account – the system will automatically clear replacement charges if the item is returned before it is transferred to the College bill
  • Items with BILLED status will be transferred to the borrower’s college bill at the end of every semester on Banner
  • Items that have been transferred to the borrower’s college bill will no longer display in the borrower’s library account, item status will be LOST & PAID; will display on fines tab "fines paid" button
  • Borrowers may clear their account by paying the charge at the Davis Family Library by cash, check or charge - or by returning the overdue materials
  • PAYING BY CHARGE CARD IS THE PREFERRED PAYMENT METHOD. It is the quickest way to process a refund if the item is found; and the quickest way to clear the charge on the Library account
  • Preferred practice is to pay/resolve payment at the Circ Desk
  • Borrower may request a refund by contacting the Circulation Services Manager for a refund; requests for exceptions are considered on a case by case basis; does not apply to materials that have been replaced, or billed more than one year ago
  • It is the responsibility of the borrower to contact the Circulation Manager to request a refund
  • Refunds are processed through same system as payment (cash/check payment will require a refund voucher and may take a long time to process)
  • Receipt is required to process a refund request for charges paid at the Circ Desk
  • For items that have been billed to the college account, Circ verifies payment on college bill prior to issuing a refund on Banner
  • Special requests for refunds will be considered on a case by case basis
  • Special requests for replacing a lost item with a purchased new copy of the item will be considered on a case by case basis & must be approved ahead of time – Circ must verify with Collections Management that the replacement copy is an acceptable edition/copy – this choice is not eligible for a refund; LIS reserves the right to refuse replacement copies based on condition/edition
  • Special requests to reduce default replacement value with actual replacement cost of item, will be considered on a case by case basis, & must be approved ahead of time – Circ must verify with Collections Development that the replacement charge is adequate to cover costs
  • Default replacement values include $20 "processing fee"
  • Default replacement values and policies are re-evaluated regularly in collaboration with Circ and Collection Management
  • Replacement Charges; default values; ndividual items may have a higher replacement cost

o Guests may incur overdue charges of up to $25 in addition to the replacement charge o Default replacement values include a processing fee of $20 o Books, Music scores, Gov Docs $100 o Media $40 o Browsing Collection books $30 o Equipment $25-$2000, depending on the item o LIS reserves the right to retain damaged materials that are replaced/paid for


  • In borrower account: Mark item lost (if not billed status)
  • Click on the “Fines” tab
  • Highlight item
  • Select Collect Money, click OK
  • Print Receipt
  • Record payment on cash slip


Refer to Circulation Manager for processing

  • In borrower account: Mark item lost (if not billed status), “collect” the money on the system, transfer to Banner account (print receipt & retain for billing records; note ID number (OR copy/paste into Banner directly from borrower account) (OR generate report?)
  • Process charge on Banner – TSAMASS; Detail Code LFIN, a transfer to Banner constitutes payment; the borrower has “paid” for lost materials when charge is transferred to College bill
  • Items found or returned that generate the message “item lost and paid, clear it?” may be considered for refund
  • Internal note in item record will reflect payment activity/history
  • Fines tab in borrower account will reflect billing history
  • For damage/repair charges consult with P&P for appropriate charge
  • For replacement of equipment (whole or parts) consult with Media Services
  • For ILL billing (borrowing only) consult with ILL Coordinator
  • For NExpress billing, contact returnables staff at lending library to mark lost&paid; transfer $100 replacement charge to College bill
  • Verify Banner billing history with Controller's Office when processing a refund
  • Track billing history in borrower account (fines paid), borrower notes, in weekly cash records, paper receipts, Banner entry log
  • Copy Lib Circ mailbox to track billing communication
  • May need to follow up by phone prior to billing staff and faculty if no response to email notices or email communication

Sending Statement of Charges

  • In notice module of Mill
  • Select "statement of charges"
  • Select subject line #4 - you are being billed
  • Select Limit by Patron groups
  • View by borrower groups; review list prior to sending notices; adjust borrower records as needed; close and view again (to refresh list); send notices


  • Daily - respond to billing issues; renew as needed to allow borrowing while resolving
  • Weekly - send statement of charges notices for Midd borrowers; process credits/refunds; follow-up on lost/missing/damaged materials
  • Monthly - send statement of charges for Guest borrowers
  • Semester - search items with billed status; run statement notices (do not send) and using notice list, transfer unresolved billing issues to College bill on Banner
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