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Lost, damaged or severely overdue library materials will incur a replacement charge, status will be BILLED
Hourly and reserve materials will incur replacement charges soon after overdue (based on hourly loan rules)
Most open stacks materials (28 day loan) will incur replacement charge & BILLED status after 28 days overdue
Items with BILLED status will block borrowing privileges; manually generated "statement of changes" notices are sent weekly to borrowers with "billed" status items on their accounts, in addition to automated library notices
Items with BILLED status remain on the borrower’s library account – the system will automatically clear replacement charges if the item is returned in a timely fashion
Items with BILLED status will be transferred to the borrower’s college bill at the end of every semester on Banner
Items that have been transferred to the borrower’s college bill will no longer display in the borrower’s library account, item status will be LOST & PAID; will display on fines tab "fines paid" button
Borrowers may clear their account by paying the charge at any of the branch libraries by cash, check or charge - or by returning the overdue materials.
Give borrower a receipt and encourage borrower to save receipt – receipt is required for refunds; record payment transactions
PAYING BY CHARGE CARD IS THE PREFERRED PAYMENT METHOD. It is the quickest way to process a refund if the item is found; and the quickest way to clear their account
Payment at the desks for lost materials is preferred over transferring to college bill, please encourage borrower to resolve payment at the desk
Borrower may be refunded if items are found within 1 year AND they have applied to the Circulation Services Manager for a refund, and the item has not yet been replaced; requests for exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis.
It is the responsibility of the borrower to contact Library Circulation to request a refund
Receipts are required for refunds for charges paid at the desk
For items that have been billed to the college account, Circ verifies payment on college bill prior to issuing a credit on Banner
Special requests for refunds will be considered on a case by case basis
Special requests for replacing a lost item with a purchased new copy of the item will be considered on a case by case basis & must be approved ahead of time – Circ must verify with Collections Management that the replacement copy is an acceptable edition/copy – this choice is not eligible for a refund; LIS reserves the right to refuse replacement copies based on condition.
Special requests to reduce default replacement value with actual repalcement cost of item, will be considered on a case by case basis, & must be approved ahead of time – Circ must verify with Collections Development that the replacement charge is adequate to cover costs
Default replacement values include $20 "processing fee"
Default replacement values are re-evaluated regularly
Replacement Charges. These are the default values. Individual items may have a higher replacement cost
Guests may incur overdue charges of up to $25 in addition to the replacement charge
Default replacement values include a processing fee of $20
Books, Music scores, Gov Docs $100
Media $40
Browsing Collection books $30
Equipment $25-$2000, depending on the item
LIS reserves the right to retain damaged materials that are replaced/paid for


Mark item lost if necessary
Click on the “Fines” tab
Highlight item
Select Collect Money, click OK
Print Receipt
Record payment on cash slip


Refer to Circulation Manager for processing
Will mark item lost (if necessary), “collect” the money on the system, print receipt & retain for billing records
Will then process charge on Banner – Detail Code LFIN, TSAMASS – borrower has effectively “paid” for lost materials when bill is transferred to College bill
Please alert Circ Manager to any items found or returned that generate the message – “item lost and paid, clear it?” - may be considered for refund
Internal note in item record will reflect payment activity/history
For damage/repair charges consult with P&P for appropriate charge

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