BlackBox Wireless Presentation

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Wireless Video Presentation System II by BlackBox


  • box
  • antenna
  • power supply
  • USB key


January term, 2011: RESERVED for use in MBH311 by Professor Chris Watters

QuickStart Instructions - page numbers refer to instruction manual on USB key.

Quick setup for WPS box (p.9):

  1. Connect the VGA cable to the WPS box’s VGA connector
  2. Turn on the WPS box using the On/Off switch at the rear of the box


Plug in Ethernet cable from active connection to port on WPS.  Admin login allows changing of whether no traffic is passed (default), all, or just http/https.  More about this in the manual. 

Conference Control:

  1. Must be joined to WPS wireless network - see below
  2. Load web page for WPS - http://ip_address where the IP address is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. 
  3. Record the 4-digit code at top left of screen - to be shared with all who need to connect in that session. -- can click on red button on conference control to get back to original window with code.
  4. Click on conference control link and enter password.  Manage list of connected computers and choose which to display. 

Quick Start Guide for PC (p.10):

  1.  Enable your laptop wireless and select WPS
  2.  Open your browser. You will be redirected to the WPS main page automatically.
  3.  Download the client software. Select Run as required. A WPS shortcut will appear on your desktop
  4.  Enter the Login Code, which will be located in the upper left of the projection screen.
  5.  Click on the Play button to begin projection - not applicable, if joining session with conference control

Quick Start Guide for Mac (p.28)

  1.  Insert thumbdrive into USB port. Click Ignore if warning box appears. -- May install in advance by retrieving software located in Handouts folder for course on Middfiles.
  2.  Dbl-Click WVS-Pro.dmg folder
  3.  Once the WPS-Pro menu box appears, drag the WPS-Pro file to Applications
  4.  Close all windows and eject thumbdrive
  5. In the wireless selector, select WPS, press enter  
  6. Open Applications, select WPS-Pro
  7.  Enter the Login Code, which will be located in the upper left of the projection screen
  8.  Click on the Play button to begin projection- not applicable, if joining session with conference control
  9.  NOTE—Macs will only be able to present, no other functions are available at this time.