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== Set up a Blackberry on campus ==
== Set up a Blackberry ==
Blackberry policy recently changed on campus: whereas before the college would purchase a blackberry for some faculty, now the college requires individuals to purchase the blackberry themselves. We might be getting a lot of requests for help moving settings over to a new Blackberry.
The advantage of joining to the server is that email, contacts, and calendar is pushed down from the server. Instructions for staff / faculty who want to get a blackberry for use with our Enterprise Server:
# Contact Telephone Services to inform that you'll be buying a Blackberry.
#* They'll create an account on the Blackberry server for you and set a password.
#* They'll also give you instructions that you should take to the store for set-up.
#* You'll receive a short, one-time authorization code that you need to activate your account on the server. (This is not related to your Middlebury password.)
# Buy a Blackberry with an '''Unlimited Data Plan for a Blackberry Enterprise Server'''. If the blackberry doesn't have the unlimited data plan, it won't be able to connect to our server.
#* Ask them to set the device up for you at the store - this will make the rest of the set-up process much quicker. This should download your e-mails, calendars, tasks, contacts, etc. to the Blackberry.
# Open the Blackberry Setup Wizard => Email Setup, and choose the option "I want to use a work email account with a '''BlackBerry Enterprise Server'''". Here are the configuration settings:
#* For '''email address''', enter your normal Middlebury address.
#* Enter the '''activation password''' that TelServ has given (default is '''asd''').
#* If the email setup wizard asks for a server address, leave it blank.
# After entering the email setup information, choose '''Activate''' from the menu. After a few moments you should see connection arrows spinning. The whole activation process can take between 5 minutes and an hour depending on how many files you have.
#* Eventually the wizard will say "Blackberry account activated!" - the process is not done; a file transfer and activation process will begin shortly.
If the activation doesn't work,
* Verify that you chose the Blackberry Enterprise Server email set-up option, from within the Set-up Wizard application.
* Ensure that you are on the Unlimited Data Plan for a Blackberry Enterprise Server. Other data plans won't allow you to connect to our server.
== Blackberry troubleshooting ==
== Blackberry troubleshooting ==

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Set up a Blackberry

Blackberry troubleshooting

  • Great troubleshooting step: Take the battery out, put it back in.
  • A blackberry can be reset to factory defaults! Try not to reset it unless absolutely necessary, as this requires telephone services to regenerate a password. It also wipes all 3rd party apps.
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