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General usage

  • Main Mail view shows a combined/unified view of sent and received. There's an option to turn this off... It also stuffs other e-mail accounts in the unified view, so if you have Gmail account, you'll see that too.

Set up a Blackberry on campus

Blackberry policy recently changed on campus: whereas before the college would purchase a blackberry for some faculty, now the college requires individuals to purchase the blackberry themselves. We might be getting a lot of requests for help moving settings over to a new Blackberry.

Staff/Faculty with a Blackberry can join the blackberry server, as long as they have an unlimited data plan (for a Blackberry server). The advantage of joining to the server is that email, contacts, and calendar is pushed down from the server.

Connecting a Blackberry to our campus requires an authorization code from Telephone Services. User should contact telserv to get that code before continuing with setup. This is a one-time configuration code and has nothing to do with AD.

  • Use the Blackberry's setup wizard => Blackberry enterprise server option, and enter the password that TelServ has given.

Blackberry troubleshooting

  • Great troubleshooting step: Take the battery out, put it back in.
  • A blackberry can be reset to factory defaults! Try not to reset it unless absolutely necessary, as this requires telephone services to regenerate a password. It also wipes all 3rd party apps.