Blu-ray Videos

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Records for Blu-ray videorecordings should have the following information:

  • 007 $e s [video format = "Blu-Ray Disc"]
  • 090 call number: add B at end of date
  • 250 Do not add Blu-ray in ed.statement
  • 300 1 videodisc
  • 538 Blu-ray Disc [instead of DVD]
  • 538 This Blu-ray disc will not play in standard DVD players or Requires a Blu-ray player or Blu-ray player required)
*655  7 Blu-ray.|2MDY
  • Item record: Add message Requires a Blu-ray player  or  Blu-ray player required
  • Container: add yellow sticker Blu-ray player required

Note: if there are 2 discs, one of which is standard DVD disc version of film, create separate item records for each and package separately. Include separate call numbers for each item record ending in B or D as applicable.

Additional resource: OLAC Guide to Cataloging DVD & Blu-ray Discs

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