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== Online booking will commence at 8 am on Tuesday, September 17th.  You may also come directly to the circulation desk and get a key starting at 8 am that day. ==
Information about Booking a thesis carrel can now be found on the [https://www.middlebury.edu/library/services/borrowing/library-lockers-and-study-carrels#how-to-book-a-thesis-carrel online Carrel section of the library website].
<br> '''Please use Firefox or Chrome. &nbsp;Internet Explorer does not produce optimum results.'''
'''If you have other items - such as equipment - booked, please view them via [https://biblio.middlebury.edu:444/patroninfo My Midcat] and cancel those bookings.  You can re-book the items after Carrel Day.'''
<br> 1.&nbsp;[https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wikis/LIS/images/3/36/CarrelGuidelowres.pdf This]&nbsp;is a map of all of the thesis carrels available for use in the Davis Family Library. Find a section that would meet your needs. &nbsp;If you want a carrel at Armstrong, please ask at the circulation desk of that library.<br><br>2. Go [http://biblio.middlebury.edu/search~S2?/tthesis%20carrel here]&nbsp;and click on the section you have chosen<br><br>3. In MIDCAT, click on the "Book it for date/time (Videos; ONLY for classroom screenings)" link in the middle of the page<br><br>4. Enter your '''Middlebury username and password''' (NOTE: If you have overdue library materials or fines, or if you are not registered in our system as writing a thesis, you will not be able to proceed beyond this point.)<br><br>5. Leave all dates as they appear. '''NOTE''': changing dates may result in a key getting double booked, which is not a good thing.<br><br>6. Select the carrel key that you would like to book – items that are already booked will not appear in the list<br><br>7. Carrel keys are due back at the end of the semester.  If you are done sooner, please return the key.  &nbsp;Do not change the end dates of the booking.<br> <br>8. Click submit<br><br>9. If you run into problems, be patient. &nbsp;If you think something is really broken, call the circ desk at x5494.<br><br>10. Come to the circulation desk during library hours to pick up your key and sign the Carrel User Agreement<br><br>11. '''If your key is not picked up by the following Monday, the booking will be canceled and up for grabs to another patron.'''

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Information about Booking a thesis carrel can now be found on the online Carrel section of the library website.

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