Book a thesis carrel

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Online booking will commence at 8 am on Tuesday, September 17th.  You may also come directly to the circulation desk and get a key starting at 8 am that day.

Please use Firefox or Chrome.  Internet Explorer does not produce optimum results.

If you have other items - such as equipment - booked, please view them via My Midcat and cancel those bookings. You can re-book the items after Carrel Day.

1. This is a map of all of the thesis carrels available for use in the Davis Family Library. Find a section that would meet your needs.  If you want a carrel at Armstrong, please ask at the circulation desk of that library.

2. Go here and click on the section you have chosen

3. In MIDCAT, click on the "Book it for date/time (Videos; ONLY for classroom screenings)" link in the middle of the page

4. Enter your Middlebury username and password (NOTE: If you have overdue library materials or fines, or if you are not registered in our system as writing a thesis, you will not be able to proceed beyond this point.)

5. Leave all dates as they appear. NOTE: changing dates may result in a key getting double booked, which is not a good thing.

6. Select the carrel key that you would like to book – items that are already booked will not appear in the list

7. Carrel keys are due back at the end of the semester. If you are done sooner, please return the key.  Do not change the end dates of the booking.

8. Click submit

9. If you run into problems, be patient.  If you think something is really broken, call the circ desk at x5494.

10. Come to the circulation desk during library hours to pick up your key and sign the Carrel User Agreement

11. If your key is not picked up by the following Monday, the booking will be canceled and up for grabs to another patron.

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