Borrowing Notices

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Borrowing Notices

The library uses email as the preferred method of communication. We send out various notices to you, the user, to inform you of the status of your library materials. Below is a list of the notices with a brief explanation of each.

Courtesy Notice

This notice is sent before your materials are due to remind you to either return or renew them.

Overdue Notice

This notice is sent once your library materials have become overdue. Once you get this notice, you can no longer renew the materials online. If you need the materials longer, please contact Circulation staff.

Recall Notice

This notice is sent when another library user or Library Reserves has requested a title that you have checked out. This item will not be renewable and will be given a new due date. Please return recalled titles as soon as possible.

Hold Pickup Notice

This notice is sent when a library item that you have requested is now available for you to pick up. This notice will indicate where you can pick up the item and you will have seven days to do so. Please contact Circulation staff if you need an item held longer than 7 days

Hold Cancelation Notice

This notice is sent once we have been holding your item for seven days. We will no longer hold this item for you.

Bill Notice

This notice is sent once your library materials have been overdue for more than 28 days (shorter for recalls, reserves, special loans, etc.) The bill amount is the replacement cost for the item. The notice indicates this amount is now due on your library account. If you return the item, the charge will be cleared. (Overdue charges may still apply for guest borrowers)

Statement of Charges

This notice is sent to alert you to any outstanding charges on your library account. Unresolved charges may be transferred to your college bill.

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