Borrowing through Interlibrary Loan

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How to submit an Interlibrary Loan request in ILLiad

ILLiad is the electronic system that we use for receiving, processing, and managing Interlibrary loan requests on-line. There are two ways to submit ILL requests in ILLiad, automatically via an on-line database or index, where the ILLiad form is automatically populated with the citation information, or directly in ILLiad, if you already have a citation, and can fill out the form manually.


1. Automatically using a Middlebury Databases or indexes
  • Search for your topic in the appropriate database or index. In the detailed view of the item you are interested in receiving look for the ILL links.
    • In LibrarySearch expand your search criteria to "Add results beyond your library's collection." Find an item you are interested in and click on the  360 linking page.
    • In the FirstSearch Databases: "External Resources: RTENOTITLEMidd full-text, print, or ILL"
    • In Academic OneFile: "Link to Full Text outside this Database"
    • In Historical Abstracts: "Resource: Link to Full Text"
  • Clicking on any of these links will open up a page containing various methods to access the item. The links will depend on the type of material and where it can be located. Check Midcat and NExpress first. Only if the item is not available at Middlebury or through NExpress, should you submit an ILL request.* *(Except if you are an off-campus patron.)
  • If you have determined that Interlibrary loan is the appropriate option, click onRTENOTITLE to open ILLiad.
  • Logon to ILLiad using your Middlebury username and password.
    • If you have not previously registered an account in ILLiad you will be directed to a new registration form. You will only have to complete this form once, but you can always edit your personal information in ILLiad by clicking on 'Edit User Information' in the Tools menu to update your status or contact info. Complete the form by clicking RTENOTITLE‎ at the bottom of the page. (You may need to click on the request for ILLiad link again at this point to open up the automated form.)
  • Review the information in the form, add an OCLC number to expedite the request, and any additional notes we need to know.
  • Click the RTENOTITLE button to submit the ILL request.
  • Note the ILLiad Tracking Number for your reference.


2.  Manually from within ILLiad
  • Search Midcat or Journals A-Z list to ensure Middlebury does not own the item you require.
  • Logon to ILLiad.
  • Select the appropriate form from the New Request menu to the left.
  • Fill out the request form. Include all information required. Red stars indicate required fields.
  • Provide an ISSN/ISBN or an OCLC number for fast and accurate service.
  • Click the RTENOTITLE button.
  • Note the ILLiad Tracking Number for your reference.


Check the status of your ILL Request

  • To see your current requests in ILLiad, log on to your ILLiad account: http://ill.middlebury.edu/illiad/mdy/logon.html. Search for your request in the search box, select "All Requests" from the view menu, or locate your request in the "Outstanding Request" list on the main ILLiad page. Click on the Transaction number of the request to open up the detailed information page. Scroll down to tracking to see the current status of your request.
  • To see requests that have already arrived, there are two sections in the "View" menu
    • Electronically Received Articles (for articles)
    • Checked Out Items (for loans)

In "Electronically Received Articles" you will find a list of current items delivered to the web will appear. By clicking on the ILL request transaction number (TN:) your ILL request should open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Your computer must have a version of this free software in order to view your request.) From Adobe Acrobat you can read print, or save the article to your computer.

Status "Checked Out to Customer" reflects that the item has arrived and is available at the Davis Family Library Circulation Desk, or has been picked up. We check out all ILL items when delivering them to the Circulation Hold Shelf for patron pickup. This status does not mean another patron has picked up your ILL. PLEASE NOTE: ILL requests must be checked out by the person who made the request.  ILL requests must be picked up at the Davis Family Library Circulation Desk.  

Renew your ILL Request

From within [ILLiad]http://go.middlebury.edu/ill, select “Checked Out Items” from the menu on the left. Open the item you would like to renew by clicking on the request number. Click “Renew Request” at the top of the detailed information page to place the renewal request.

There is a limited window of opportunity for placing a renewal. Renewals can only be placed 10 day before the due date through one day beyond the original due date. Items already identified as non-renewable will have no button. However, each renewal request is sent to the lender for review, and it is up to the lender to grant or decline our renewal request, so seeing the button in ILLiad is NOT a guarantee of a renewal. ILL staff will update Millennium and ILLiad with the dates provided by the Lending Libraries, and e-mail patrons when a renewal has been denied. You can check the status of your renewal in [ILLiad]http://go.middlebury.edu/ill or in My MIDCAT

Information for Off-Campus Patrons and Students in Middlebury's Schools Abroad

Any student currently enrolled in Middlebury College has access to a large and effective resource in the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Department. Students off-campus may place requests through ILL for photocopied (Articles) materials; off-campus patrons may also use ILLiad to request scans of materials owned by Middlebury.

To begin using our Interlibrary Loan Database, called ILLiad (which maintains your personal information, and the information about requests placed in your name), you must first be a registered and enrolled student of Middlebury College. Once you have enrolled at Middlebury, you will be given a College ID number; this number is necessary for ILLiad registration. We reserve the right to review your current status, and to cancel requests at any time if/when placed by ineligible patrons.

  • To register in ILLiad, follow this link to our ILLiad registration page: go/ill . Use the first half of your e-mail (everything before the @ symbol) as your username, and your full e-mail password as your ILLiad password.  If you have not previously registered you will need to fill out the New User Registration form with your personal and contact information.  Select the Delivery Site of  "Off-Campus - MiddRemote." Click "Submit Information" at the bottom of the form to create your ILLiad account. 
  • If you already have an ILLiad Acct. just login and change your Delivery Site status to indicate you are an off-campus patron. This is done by clicking on "Edit My Contact Information" in the Tools section of the ILLiad Menu. At the Change Personal Information page, switch your Delivery Site to "Off-Campus - MiddRemote." Using this Delivery Site you can request articles only, but we will scan Middlebury owned materials for electronic delivery in ILLiad.
  • Once you have an ILLiad account you may place requests immediately, using the ILLiad on-line forms or while you are using any of the FirstSearch Databases. Using the FirstSearch Databases, such as MLA, or Worldcat to search and place requests is highly encouraged, and can be done from within any FirstSearch item record via the following link: "External Resources: RTENOTITLEMidd full-text, print, or ILL"

This link leads directly to an ILLiad logon and generates a completed ILL request form for you to review and submit. Please fill-in OCLC numbers from Worldcat whenever possible, and always include a note on each request reminding us of your location.

When submitting requests, it is very important to include a message of your current status/location, such as: "I am OFF CAMPUS and would like my requests to be delivered electronically." This makes it possible for us to identify requests that might otherwise be cancelled (because they are locally available), and to process these requests for you here at Middlebury.

  • At any time, if something is accidentally cancelled, you can re-activate it and send it back to us with a note from ILLiad. Here's what to do: In ILLiad, select the "Cancelled Requests" from the "View" menu on the left to bring up a list of your cancelled requests. Click on the TN you want to resubmit. This will bring up the detailed information of the request. Just click on the "Resubmit Request" button, make any changes or add any new notes, then "Submit Request" to send it back to us.

Resubmitting a request, rather than creating a new request, is advised because the request’s history is kept in our system and helps in future processing of the request.

It is important to update your contact information in ILLiad if your location and/or status changes. Similarly, loan requests, principally books or other physical items, cannot generally be ordered by off-campus students, and will be canceled. You can update your personal information in ILLiad to reflect your current address abroad or on campus. This helps us to verify ILL services and delivery methods.

For Continuing BL or DML Students not on Middlebury’s Vermont Campus

Students not currently on campus may use ILL for Article requests only. We also provide articles from the Middlebury Library Collections to students studying around the world. Requested articles are scanned and delivered to the ILLiad website, where a patron from anywhere in the world can access it by downloading or printing it (from Adobe Acrobat).

For ease of access to article databases off-campus, the Library has recently implemented EZ Proxy. Using this feature will allow you to access resources without changing your browser settings.

For complete details concerning off campus access please refer to Resources Available from Off-Campus wiki entry.

Interlibrary Loan Coordinator (for questions relating to ILL) Rachel Manning rmanning@middlebury.edu mdyill@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5498 Library 250j

Other items to be aware of when ordering from ILL

  • It is against our policy to request the same title/item for a patron more than once.
  • The average cost of an ILL, including shipping, software, and staff, is roughly $30. It is for this reason we encourage responsible ILL-usage, and immediate use of all ILL materials.
  • Items delivered to our web server only remain accessible for about a month before they expire and are automatically deleted from our system. You can, however, save the PDF file onto your own computer when viewing it through Adobe Acrobat from the web. Usually there is a small icon that looks like a floppy disk on the left side, right above the image of your article. Saving articles to your own hard-drive may prevent the loss important research when articles expire from our system.
  • When you “Delete” a request on ILLiad, the file remains on our server for one week. This gives us the opportunity, for a short period of time, to restore an article deleted in error. If you do click on the “Delete TN: ###” button, by mistake before you have finished with an article, please contact the ILL Dept. as soon as possible to request restoration of your request.
  • As an Alum, you are eligible to continue to use the Library and Middlebury Collections here on-campus, but we are unable to continue providing Interlibrary loan services to you.

How to update your ILLiad Contact Information and Status

It is important that we always have valid contact information in order to deliver your requests to you. To update your Information in ILLiad:

  • Log on to ILLiad: http://ill.middlebury.edu/illiad/MDY/logon.html
  • Select "Edit User Information" from the Tools Menu on the left.
  • Change any information that is out of date or no longer accurate.
  • Scroll down and click on "Submit Information" to save changes.


How to Set up a Proxy ILLiad Account. (Midd. Faculty only)

Create a faculty proxy ILLiad Account here: https://ill.middlebury.edu/illiad/mdy/firsttime.html

  • Read through the information; at the bottom of the First Time User Registration web page click on the "First Time Users Click Here" button.
  • Enter relevant faculty member information.
  • Choose a unique username. NOTE - Do not use your ILLiad user name, instead create a new user name that starts with the word proxy (ex. proxy-jdoe, or proxy_gsmith)
  • Choose as unique password. DO NOT use your regular network password!
  • Click the "Submit Information" button at the bottom of the page.

Now you can give the account information (username and password) to research assistants, teaching assistants, or dept. coordinators so they may place ILL orders on your behalf. The faculty member is responsible for all ILL orders made with their proxy ILLiad accounts. In order for those individuals to check out ILL items or other library materials on your behalf, you must authorize a Proxy Borrowing Card for them. Each faculty member only needs to create one proxy ILLiad account.

Contact ILL

Interlibrary Loan Coordinator (for questions relating to ILL) Rachel Manning rmanning@middlebury.edu or at mdyill@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5498 Library 250j

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