Breadloaf SMART Classroom Guide

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This page provides a list of the smart classrooms at Breadloaf and instructions on how to use them.

In these rooms you can project from a laptop and watch a DVD or VHS tape.

Turn the System On

Turn the projector and rack on by turning wall switch timer mounting on wall behind rack. (time can be set up to 4 hours system will turn off after 4hr.s)


In classrooms that have electric screens press button on top of rack labeled screen up/down; in other rooms manually pull screen down.


On the button panel is the volume control to adjust the sound.

After the projector has warmed up, select input by using button panel mounted on top of equipment rack.

To Project from a Laptop

  • Press the Laptop button on the button panel
  • Connect the VGA cable to your laptop
  • Power on your laptop
  • You should have projection, if you do not, go to go/troubleshoot or call the Helpdesk at x2200 for assistance.

Watching a DVD

  • Press the DVD button on the button panel
  • Power on the DVD player
  • Insert your disk and press play
  • The remote for the DVD player is on the rack drawer

Watching a VHS Tape

  • Press the VCR button on the button panel
  • Power on the VCR
  • Insert your tape and press play
  • The remote for the VCR is in the rack drawer