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[[Media Instructions in CFA 125|Media Instructions in CFA 125]]
[[cfa125|MCA 125 Smart Classroom Guide]]
You can project from the desktop computer, a laptop, and show a VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray disc.
[[Mca126|MCA 126 Smart Classroom Guide]]
<br>Press the Power icon on the touch panel; this will turn the projector on and lower the screen automatically. To raise or lower the screen manually, use the buttons on the right side of the panel.
[[Mca209|MCA 209 Smart Classroom Guide]]
<br>You can control the lights in this room from the buttons on the left side of the panel, there are 3 lighting options, Lights On is full on, Lights Medium is for note taking during a presentation, and Lights Low and Lights Off are used for showing a film.
[[Mca210|MCA 210 Smart Classroom Guide]]
<br>If you have problems at any time, you can press the Help? button, this will give you the number to the Helpdesk . A phone is available next to the podium.
[[MCA_221|MCA 221 Smart Classroom Guide]]
<br>You can change the Aspect Ration of your image by pressing the button in the left lower corner of the screen. To change it back, press the icon again.
[[MCA_232|MCA 232 Smart Classroom Guide]]
<br>You can blank the screen before a presentation if you do not want your audience to see it before you start. Press the Display Mute button at the top right of the panel. To un-mute, press the button again.
<br>You can adjust the volume from the touch panel, at the bottom of the screen and mute the sound by pressing the Audio Mute button, second button on the right of the panel. To un-mute, press the icon again.
'''Projecting Desktop computer (this is a Mac)'''<br>• Press the PC icon at the top of the screen<br>• The computer automatically turns on – press the space bar or click the mouse button and you should immediately have projection
'''Projecting from a Laptop'''<br>There are two types of laptop cables at the podium: VGA and HDMI. <br>• Connect the appropriate cable to your laptop, including the audio cable).<br>• Press the icon for the Laptop<br>• By default, VGA is selected. If you connected the HDMI press the HDMI icon instead.<br>• Turn your computer on, you should have projection. If you run into an issue, check the troubleshooting section below. Note that the ideal resolution for this projector is 1280 x 800.
<br>'''Watching a Blu-Ray '''<br>• Press the Blu-ray icon<br>• Power on the Blu-ray player<br>• Insert your disk; you can control the Blu-ray player from the touch panel.
'''Watching a VHS'''<br>• Press the DVD/VCR icon<br>• Press the VCR button<br>• Power on the VCR/DVD Combo Player<br>• Insert your video; you can control the combo player from the touch panel.
There is a camera attached to the wall in the back of the room, this is for Media Services use only.
'''Please remember to shut all equipment off. Touch the red System Off button on the lower right corner of the touch panel, and touch the green Power Down button. '''<br><br>
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