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Detailed CMS Documentation

Detailed CMS documentation is available at:

If you still don't find the answer to your question, feel free to call or email the Helpdesk x2200, helpdesk@middlebury.edu

Common Requests

  • Request new or modified CMS permissions: Contact the Helpdesk.
  • Request a channel deletion: Contact the Helpdesk.
  • Request a new channel: Contact Tim Etchells, as outlined here: Channel Creation

Applies to: Pages whose web address begins with www.middlebury.edu (for example, pages whose web address begins with community.middlebury.edu are not editable with CMS)

CMS Content Gets Duplicated

  • Symptom: After saving a page in the CMS portions of the content are duplicated automatically.
  • Solution: In general, here's what helps: clearing the formatting of the text, deleting the duplicate and saving.
  • Detailed guide: CMS content gets duplicated

Misc Notes

Some notes:

  • CMS stands for Content Management System.
  • Middlebury uses Microsoft's CMS server.
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