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When I save a page in the CMS content on my page gets duplicated. What can I do? Symptom: After saving a page in the CMS portions of the content are duplicated automatically

Cause: This is usually caused when formatting (Bold, Italics, Heading styles, etc) have been applied to things other than text (Images, Links, Horizontal Rules, etc.)


  1. Edit the offending page and remove the duplication.
  2. Select well above and below the area that is repeating and then choose "Clear Formatting" from the Heading Style drop-down menu. This will remove ALL formatting on the area that you've selected.
  3. Try saving the page and see if the duplication continues. Repeat steps 1 and 2 selecting a larger portion of content on which to clear the formatting.
  4. Once the duplication stops, you can go back in and add formatting being careful not to apply formatting to things other than text (Images, Links, Horizontal Rules, etc.)
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