CONTENTdm Project Client Procedures: College Newspapers and Magazines (editing)

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Open your project

  1. Open CONTENTdm Project Client
  2. Click PROJECT/Open and select your project
  3. You're now ready to add items from the collection and edit them

Search for items

  1. Click Find in collection tab
  2. Search for title and volume
  3. When they are imported, check the boxes by the ones you want to edit
  4. Click Add to project
  5. View items to verify date and other information

Edit items

  1. Click your Midd campus project tab
  2. Double-click on checkbox, and open
  3. Change issue date to correct form: yyyy-mm-dd
  4. Check other fields to be sure they're correct
  5. Click View/View spreadsheet
  6. To fill in all pages, right click on top cell, then Fill down. All fields in that column should be populated with the same metadata
  7. Click Save or Save and next

  1. Click Upload for approval
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