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Your item is now ready for administrator approval.
Your item is now ready for administrator approval.

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  1. Open Project Client
  2. Click Open
  3. It should open automatically to your DLA project
  4. For your 1st time using the Project client set up template with default information for the following fields: See EDIT METADATA TEMPLATE at left
    • Date: 2009 (or current year)
    • Language: English
    • Genre: Lectures
    • Resource type: Moving image
    • Format of original: 1 mini-dv ( min.) : sd., col.
    • Digital reproduction info:RealPlayer
    • Rights holder: Middlebury College. Library. Special Collections
    • Recording release: On file in DLIS office
    • Date record created: 2009 (or current year)
    • Cataloger: your initials
  5. From the top menu bar, click ADD/URL. Paste in the URL for lecture
  6. Click Add button
  7. You may want to resize/enlarge the Media Editor window.
  8. Add metadata according to [/academics/lis/about/library_info/departments/collection_management_division/catalog_department/formats/dig_coll_metadata/contentdm/metadata_standards.htm Metadata Standards ]document. You may check spelling by clicking the Spell Check button near the top
  9. To add thumbnail photo:
    • Adjust photo to width of 80 pixels using MS Picture Manager, Photoshop, or other editing software
    • In Project Client, click Change thumbnail button at left (under ITEM EDITING TASKS); then Browse for picture file
    • Follow instructions to upload image
  10. Save (Item/Save from top menu bar)
  11. To upload item for approval:
  • Close the metadata window, so that your item is arranged horizontally at top of screen.
  • Check the box at left.
  • Click Upload for approval at left

Your item is now ready for administrator approval.