CONTENTdm Project Client Procedures: Import multiple files with tab-delimited text

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Instructions for adding multiple files from a spreadsheet including metadata and the file/item (pdf, image, etc.)

Prepare File Structure
  • Your files/images must be in one folder -- Name the folder "images" or "PDFs" or something similar
  • Your Excel spreadsheet must have a final column labeled "File" or "Filename."
    • Each cell should have the actual file name, including extension (e.g., "sprsym2013jones.pdf" ;s10econ2012jones.pdf; starrlibrary.jpg)
  • Convert Excel spreadsheet to tab-delimited text file (.txt) by using "Save as . . ." command
  • Clean up text document using Notepad++. Look for extra tabs or carriage returns
  • Text document and image/pdf filefolder must be in same parent folder
Tab delim directories.jpg
Open Project Client
  • On the left task pane under Common Tasks, click Add Multiple Items. The Add Multiple Items wizard opens.
  • On the Import Method screen, select Import using a tab-delimited text file and browse for the file.
Add metadata browse.jpg
  • Click Open and then click Next. The Import Type screen displays.
Add metadata import.jpg
  • Specify files and then click Next. The Display Image Settings screen displays. Select YES
  • Click Next. The Map Metadata screen displays. Map the fields in your CONTENTdm collection to the imported field names. The imported field names from your tab-delimited text file appear in the left column.
Add metadatamapping.jpg
  • Click Next. The Confirm Settings screen displays.
Add metadata confirm.jpg
  • Review the settings and then click Add Items.
  • A progress screen displays as the items are processed. When complete, a summary screen displays the summary and any errors or warnings.
Add metadata summary.jpg
  • Click Close. The items are displayed in the project spreadsheet.