CONTENTdm in Collection Management

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CONTENTdm is a digital collection management system that consists of three main elements:

  • The Acquisition Station where data and images are imported or added
  • The CONTENTdm Server where data and images are stored
  • The customizable Web-based search client


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CONTENTdm at Middlebury

Where - Digital Collections at Middlebury

Blog - Discuss stuff here, not in email. Others are interested and it's archived and searchable. Midd CDM Blog

Workflow Documentation

Documentation is organized by project.

Middlebury History Online

put the documentation for the Fulkerson project here.

Middlebury College News Bureau

put the documentation for the news bureau project here.

Historic Architecture

put the documentation for the Historic Architecture project (Anne Callahan project?) here.

Middlebury Digital Lecture Archive

  1. User requests that a lecture be taped via Video Request Form. Includes submitting authorization form.
  2. Media services films lecture
  3. Media services translates lecture to MPEG
  4. Media services alerts Patty H. to MPEG file
  5. Patty creates metadata on CONTENTdm & submits to Richard J.
  6. Richard approves metadata
  7. If University Channel has requested a copy of the lecture, Mary B. checks authorization, then sends MPEG file via ftp to Donna Liu