CONTENTdm in Collection Management

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CONTENTdm is a digital collection management system that consists of three main elements:

  • The Acquisition Station where data and images are imported or added
  • The CONTENTdm Server where data and images are stored
  • The customizable Web-based search client


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CONTENTdm at Middlebury

Where - Digital Collections at Middlebury

Blog - Discuss stuff here, not in email. Others are interested and it's archived and searchable. Midd CDM Blog

Workflow Documentation

Documentation is organized by project.

Middlebury History Online

put the documentation for the Fulkerson project here.

Middlebury College News Bureau

put the documentation for the news bureau project here.

Historic Architecture

put the documentation for the Historic Architecture project (Anne Callahan project?) here.

Middlebury Digital Lecture Archive

Using the acquisition station The documentation you see here is a local workflow for uploading and cataloging campus lectures on video.

  1. Start CONTENTdm Acquisition Station (click icon on desktop)
  2. Click Open
  3. At the 'Open an existing project' window, choose DLA
  4. For your 1st time: using the Acquisition Station set up template with default information : Tools -- Template creator
  5. Click the globe icon for 'import URL' ; paste in the URL for lecture
  6. Click OK
  7. Add metadata according to Metadata Standards document document
  8. Click Thumbnail button at bottom left, click Custom at next stream, and follow instructions to upload the image. 

NOTE: You must crop and size the images you want to use as thumbnails in Adobe Photoshop before you associate them with the lecture and upload them. 80 pixels is the standard width.

  9. Save
 10. If message appears about submitting for administrator approval, click yes
 11. In the next window, you will see your item arranged horizontally at top of screen. At the bottom of screen, click Upload
 12. Your item is now ready for administrator approval

For a more detailed look at how the acquisitions station works, see the CONTENTdm online help pages.