Call Numbers, Subject Headings, & Genre Headings

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Local Documentation
  • Arabic Collection Classification (Local)
  • Armstrong Library Call Numbers (Local)
  • Chinese Collection Classification (Local)
  • CSO items (Career Services): Call Numbers & Procedures
  • Genre Headings for Motion Pictures (Local)
  • LC Call Numbers with Local Policies (Local)
  • Translation Table (Local)
  • Vermont Cutter Table (Local)
Other Sites
  • Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online (Getty)
  • Biography Cutter Table ClassWeb Genre Headings (Joel Hahn)
  • Genre Headings: Moving Image Genre-Form Guide (LC)
  • Genre Headings: Moving Image Instructions (LC)
  • Genre Headings: Moving Image List (Clemson)
  • LC Authorities (Web version)
  • LC Classification Outline LC Weekly Subject Heading Updates
  • Literary Criticism: Z cutter table (Tulane)
  • Mac's Cutter Table
  • RBMS Controlled Vocabularies
  • Regions & Countries: Cutter table
  • Thesaurus for Graphic Materials: Genre & Physical Characteristics
  • US States & Regions: Cutter table