Campus Housing not on Wired Network

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There are several houses used as campus housing that are not on the wired network.  During the academic year, houses with students are provided with Internet access.  Whether via DSL or cable, the houses also have a router with wireless - and in some cases there is wired access as well.  IP addressing is managed by the routers (192... addresses), as is wireless (not midd_unplugged or midd_secure).  See Internal Wiki for more detail.

Troubleshooting Notes:

Here are some common issues (and their solutions) that may occur after a power outage, after an Internet outage or if the modem/router is unplugged:

Wireless network does not appear in wireless utility.

  1. ensure that the wireless router has power
  2. power-cycle the router (unplug its power cord, wait 30 secs then plug it in), it usually takes 2-3 minutes for the router to boot-up and acquire an IP address from the modem

Wireless works fine but you can’t get to the Internet.

  1. ensure that there is a network cable connecting the modem and the router (this cable needs to be connected on the router’s "Internet" interface, NOT the interfaces labeled 1-4)
  2. ensure that the DSL (the phone line) or the cable are firmly connected at both ends
  3. ensure that the modem has power
  4. power-cycle the modem (unplug its power cord, wait 30 secs, then plug it in), it usually takes 2 minutes for the modem to fully come up and an additional minute or two for the wireless router to pick-up the network settings from the modem

Soup to Nuts

  1. Unplug the power from both modem and router
  2. ensure all cables are firmly connected at both ends
  3. turn on the modem first, wait for it to initialize (2-3 minutes)
  4. then turn on the wireless router. Make sure you wait at least 3 minutes before you try connecting to the router (either wirelessly or through one of its wired interfaces), as it takes some time for both devices to fully establish connections.