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  • I can't login to my computer.
  • I can't login to a library loaner.
  • The MIDD domain is not found.
  • The MIDD domain is unavailable.
  • The computer login screen is not accepting my password.

College owned computers

  • Check the CAPS lock key.
  • On PCs, ensure that at the login screen "Log on to" is set to "MIDD".
  • If you recently changed your password, try the previous password, then ensure that the computer is connected to a working College wired connection and restart the computer, then try your new password.
  • If you see the Novell Client at the login screen, click "Workstation Only", try logging in, and contact the Helpdesk.
  • If this is the first time trying to use your computer (e.g. if this is a new computer or the computer was recently serviced), the computer should be connected to a working wired network connection, then try logging in.
  • Can someone else login to the computer? If no, see below. If yes, does your password work for Webmail? If not, please visit go/activate to change it, then try logging in again.
  • If this a loaner computer from the Library, try logging in with the shared loaner account. If you don't know what this is, ask a Helpdesk staff.

If none of the above was helpful, please visit us in LIB202.

Helpdesk students and staff can do the following:

  1. Get the MIDD number from the computer.
  2. Visit http://kryten and click on "Quick Lookup"
  3. Agree to run the Lookup program.
  4. Enter the MIDD number and look for the MAC address.
  5. When you obtain the MAC address, open a HEAT ticket of category "Network" and call type: "Campus Manager".
  6. On the detail tab/screen click on the button for manual registration. The registration page will open.
  7. Register the MAC address to the name of the customer. If this is a loaner computer, a shared computer or a lab computer, you can register it to "helpdesk" or "labmanager".
  8. Reboot the computer and have the customer attempt to login. Have someone other than the customer login, as well.

If the issue is still not resolved, Helpdesk staff can use a local account to access the computer. At that point, there are several items that need to be checked:

  • The computer's clock / time must be accurate to the minute. Check the time on a known good computer and ensure that the times are identical.
  • On PCs, right-click "My Computer" => Properties => Computer Name tab, ensure that the computer is set on a domain and not a workgroup.
  • On Macs with Leopard or higher:
    • Open Applications => Utilities => Directory Utility. (On Macs with Lion or Yosemite: MacintoshHD => System => Library => CoreServices => (on Yosemite only: Applications) => Directory Utility) If the active directory domain is missing from the first tab or is not green, check the wiki for instructions on unbinding and rebinding the computer to the domain.
    • Open System Preferences => Accounts => Login options. "Allow network users to login" MUST HAVE A CHECKMARK!
    • In a small number of cases, you may need to adjust the settings in Directory Utility, as described here: Mac Domain Login and Home Folder Issue.
  • On Macs with Tiger or an earlier OS, check the instructions below for Personal Computers.

Personal computers

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