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= Help =
= Help =
*[http://dlinq.middcreate.net/portfolio/canvas/ Canvas @ Middlebury]  
*[http://dlinq.middcreate.net/portfolio/canvas/ Teaching with Canvas @ Middlebury]  
*[https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Getting_Started_with_Canvas | Canvas Quickstart Guide]
*[https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Getting_Started_with_Canvas | Canvas Quickstart Guide]
*[http://guides.instructure.com Canvas Help Guides]
*[http://guides.instructure.com Canvas Help Guides]

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What is Canvas?

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that can be used for creating course websites, online quizzes, exams and forums.

Should I use Canvas or Sites (Wordpress)?

Both Canvas and Sites (WordPress) can be used for creating course websites. To help you decide which you should use, see our Course Management Overview.

How do I log into Canvas?

Log into Canvas with your Middlebury username and password.

I am having trouble editing/grading/viewing my Canvas site, what web browser should I use?

Updated versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari work well, however if you are using the Speedgrader you should not use Firefox as this component is not compatible with that browser.

Create Your Canvas Courses

How do I create a course site in Canvas?

Create a Canvas course site through the Course Hub.

Step by step instructions

How do I reuse a previous Canvas course?

You can reuse a previous Canvas course by using the Import tool. Step by step instructions

How do I create one Canvas site for all sections of my course?

Create a new Canvas via the Course Hub for one section, then link the Canvas course to your other sections. Step by step instructions

Instructions from the Canvas Guides

Create New Content

Organize Course Content

Disseminate Info

Student Access

How will my students find my Canvas Course Site?

Students can get to your Canvas site from the CourseHub.

How do I give students access to my Canvas Course Site?

1-2 days after students register for your course in Banner, they will be automatically added to your Canvas course. Once you are ready for your students to view your Canvas course, be sure to publish the course.

Why can't my students see my Canvas course?

By default, new Canvas course sites are not visible to students. Once you are ready for your students to view your Canvas course, be sure to publish the course.

My student is registered for my course in Banner, but her name was not added to my Canvas site. Why?

Students will be added to your Canvas course automatically 1-2 days after they register for the course in Banner. If the student is unable to access the course after 1-2 days, contact the Help Desk.

How do I add an auditor to Canvas?

Students must register in the course as auditors in Banner. 1-2 days after they register, they will have access to Canvas. If the auditor is not a currently enrolled Middlebury student, they must get permission from both the instructor of the course and the Registrar's Office before they can be added to the auditors list. Complete rules on auditing a course can be found in the College Handbook under Academics, Course Registration and Conduct of Courses Section D. Audits.

How do I give a faculty member access to Canvas placement exams?

Access to placement exams are managed by the faculty and Academic Coordinators in the department.

Your Canvas Experience

How do I manage my email notifications?

Customize your Messaging settings in your Canvas Profile. View notification preferences video here.


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