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[[Category:Circulation procedures]]
[[Category:Circulation procedures]]

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Davis Family Cash/Credit

Collection & Delivery

  • When any financial transaction takes place, the dollar amount must be recorded on the Monthly Cash Sheet (found in drawer, under circ counter)
  • All money (cash, check or credit card) must be recorded on the sheet along with date, patron’s name, the reason for the transaction, and the staff person’s initials handling the transaction (it is critical that the patron name be included and recorded so in the case of a potential future refund, the necessary info will be available)
  • One sheet per month
  • All signed credit card receipts are kept with cash sheet and should be stapled to the corresponding monthly cash sheet when filed.
  • The credit card machine automatically batches the days receipts at midnight. Credit card Blue Fin Reports, along with their corresponding batch reports, need to be brought to the cashiers office within 48 hours of the transaction.
  • On the first of the month, using a monthly deposit sheet (@ Davis located in locked department file cabinet in Lib 250A) transfer the information and place money/checks in red bank bag and deliver to the cashier’s office on the second floor of the Service Building prior to 4 pm, M-F. No other paperwork or recording of info is required
  • Save cash transactions/receipts history for current year

NOTE: Please unplug the credit card machine and lock it in the drawer at closing each night.

Please contact Jane Aube in the Student Financial Services Department with any questions regarding PCI compliance or to trouble shoot issues with credit card machines.

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